Movies Rewinded

Movies which conquers my mind, some clasps my heart..

~ The Perez Family (1995) – “BLOOD IS thicker than water” but in this movie people showed love from one another even if different blood rushes through their veins. The way the Perezes people live was overwhelming and made me smile. People who shares the same surname, Perez, but were not related at all built their own so-called family, The Perez Family. They learned to cared and actually loved each other like a real family. It was their surname that bonded them but it was the love that kept them bonded. See, blood is not always thicker than water at all.

~ Beauty and the Briefcase (2010) – THERE’S SO many definitions of love. Many people were mistaken for giving a reason “why” they love certain people, for making a list of “potential” lovers, for being ignorance of what true love is. Love is pure when you love certain people without any “because”, “ifs”, or “buts”.  Love need no lists of potential personalities or characteristics. It is at all times unexpected. Sometimes the one you love was at your side all the time and you just didn’t notice it because you were blinded. You didn’t see what-is-real from what-is-not because of what-you-dream which creates a blindfold to your eyes and heart which causes you to unable to see and unable to feel.

~ When In Rome (2010) – AGAIN, THIS movie is about love. Some people are dying to feel loved, dying to have lovers and it causes them to do such things. But as I’ve said, it is at all times unexpected. Things come and go, but there are things that remain and started to have a sentimental value to us and we give importance to it. People come and go, but there are people who remain and stays with us and truly love us for what we are. That’s what love is.

~ City of Ember (2008) – “NEVER LET go, you never know when miracles will happen.” Knowing what’s right and not doing anything then conscience shall eat your soul, but in this movie, Lina and Doon who discover something that will make all of them to continue to live outside the City of Ember do all the things they can. Even if they were called traitors by the Mayor and have faced many hindrances they didn’t give up, they never stop doing what they know is right and what they know is good for all of

them. At last, they get what they deserve.

~ Everybody’s Fine (2009)A FAMILY movie. “For all we know, truth loves to reveals itself voluntarily” so how much we’re quiet to keep the truth and how long we keep it didn’t matter at all. In this family movie, the grown up children keep things from their father simply because they didn’t become what their father wanted them to be and they don’t want to disappoint him. What they told their father was all lie, they didn’t let their father know even the death of their sibling and look what had happened, the truth has its own conscience and reveals itself. Think, it’s better to tell the truth and be free of guilt than to hold it forever which little by little eat your inner self. Watch and see what will happen when the truth was revealed.

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