It’s Been Too Long

Home is where he belongs

THEY DON’T know each other. They don’t know if they’ve met. They do know nothing at all.

But that day when he was walking, his mind was busy on something not known, he saw her. She’s in red but he didn’t see her face and he doesn’t even mind looking at her. Then his friends say she’s weird because she wasn’t looking, but staring at them… at him. He then regret not looking at her face, maybe he knew her, maybe they know each other but just maybe.

When their paths have crossed again his friends pointed her and said it was her, the woman in red who was staring at him. The moment he look at her, tears started to fall down his cheek.

She saw when the tears run down his face. Her eyes were also clouded with tears but she had learned to manage them not to escape from her eyes. She thought, he recognized me even if he didn’t see me for a long time.

He wipe his tears, knot was formed on his forehead, I knew her but I don’t know her and I don’t even know why there is something about her that made my eyes shed tears.

She then smiled at him.

Hey! He knew that smile. He knew her! It was her, really her.

She open her arms and welcome him. He hugged her, hugged her tightly.

She was his mother. He was her son. His mother whom he didn’t see for a long time, his mother who had promised to come back and now there she is.

“It’s been too long, now he wanna come home”, home where he can feel again the touch of his mother, the love of his mother. It’s been too long…


3 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long

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