Liar am I?

I’m no straightforward

MANY PEOPLE misunderstood what is true from what is not. There are kind of people who loves to, not really lie but to make the mind of others wonder, mind of others to be mixed up. And I’ll say I’m one of a kind. I love to make others think what’s true and what’s not. I love to make my friends’ wits confused before revealing or until they find out what I am really up to.

I do that because I know that someone or some of my close friends will and can realize whether whatever I’m talking about is true or just a bogus. It became a hobby of mine to muddle my friends and it is up to them if they will believe whatever comes out from me.

Telling lies is different from not wanting to tell the truth straightforward.
I want my friends to look me in the eyes and tell if I’m telling no lies.
I want them to feel what I’m feeling and tell if I’m telling no lies.
I want them to know me, every inch of me and tell if I’m telling no lies.
I want them to love me, love and accept me as what I am and tell if I’m telling no lies.

Liar is someone who ‘keep’ the truth and tell fictive senseless things. Liar is someone who let others believe the lies they told. As for me, “I” am someone who tricks someone’s mind until they come up with the truth on their own. “I” am someone who let others believe what it suits them to believe until what they believe is nothing but the truth. I am a no liar, sorry, for I am just a no straightforward.


5 thoughts on “Liar am I?

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