A Game of Chance

LIFE IS a chance. Staring at my reflection for some time something out of nowhere suddenly hits my mind. Ting! It just landed through my brain. Life! Not just life but about life being a chance. Life is a chance. Then I started to realize what if it really is a chance? Think of it. Our life is just a borrowed-thing from God and because of that we should be thankful for every moment. God granted us life to live; to live in order for us to use the chance He had given us; a chance to know if we are worth it; worth it to live with Him in His place, in His Kingdom. Can you understand my point? Life is given to us to live and let life as it is. The thing that matters is how well we have lived our life. Have we live and able to show that we are deserving to get the chance we needed? The chance which everybody wanted. The chance to continue our life with Him, with His love. Every day, every night, every seconds of our life are being watched, are being recorded by Him. Let not ask for I also did not know, no one knows but only He. One thing I’m certain, He is everywhere, He is in my side, in our side. Life is but chance, don’t go wasting it rather go enjoying it, go having a purpose, go and let Him see that we deserve that chance, that we deserve to live with Him forever. Grab with both of your hands and your heart the chance. Coz life is but a matter of chance.