Waiting For The Unknown

I ALSO got tired. Patience. A saying Patience is a virtue is widely known. Yeah it’s true but not all the time. What if the time would come when you can’t take it anymore, is it still a virtue? What if you waited enough, long enough?

Just like me, I am one of the others who are patience. When it comes to waiting, I am a patient one. People must be sensitive with what others are doing for them, with what others are feelings. The ones who can’t wait long enough maybe the ones who were once a patient who just got tired of waiting, got tired of hoping.

Just be aware of people around you, of people who waits for you. Maybe they just didn’t let it out, that they are already weary because they don’t want you to feel heavy. You can tell, you can feel. Be aware. Because when one got pissed off, you never know what they can do, what they are capable of, what they can sacrifice even if it means something. I have been that person. I have been waiting, for so long, so many times. I have been waiting for hours, for days, years and I have been waiting for all of my life. Waiting is just fine I can say, but waiting alone? It was worst! Why? Because I was alone. Just think of yourself. Alone. Waiting for someone you haven’t had the slightest idea if that someone will ever come. It’s not entertaining eh?


I wanted to believe in all the words that I was speaking.



Jealousy makes even the most confident of women turn into a self-conscious child. Most of the time we hide our jealousy and insecurity with pure hatred, because we’re afraid to admit the truth. We’re afraid to admit that the problem isn’t with them, but with us. That we’re the problem.

There have been many people throughout my life that I have claimed to hate. And each and every one contained some quality or experience that I didn’t, and was jealous of. I’ve claimed to hate people because I can’t handle the fact that they’ve had friendships and relationships with people that I haven’t, because I don’t want to admit that I’m not the person that was wanted. That somehow I’m undesirable and they possess some innate quality that I don’t, which attracts the people I care about in a way I never could.

All women judge other women, comparing…

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