I’ve got some issues that nobody can see& all of these emotions are pourin’ outta me.



How can you love someone you’ve never met and will never know? Is it even possible to love something that will never be a part of your life? The answer to these is neither simple nor obvious. It’s just how it is.

Growing up I never knew my dad, held no memory of him, and will forever have no idea of how his voice sounded. Truthfully, there is very little that I know about him. I’ve been told that he was an amazing wrestler, that he was one of the funniest people one could ever meet, and that all he ever wanted was a family of his own.  But these are things I’ve merely been told, and sadly they don’t hold as much value compared to if they were things I had experienced first hand. I don’t know how he thought. I don’t know what his favourite breakfast cereal was…

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Two Reasons, One Way

ImageWICKER PARK (2004).

Hearing the title, I thought it was a suspense and that’s when my brother told me that it was really a love story.

Story about little obsessions which turns into bigger  and complicated things; sometimes good and most of the time bad. A lil bit like love; most of the time good but sometimes bad.

Love is what drives this movie. Love is what drives Daniel (Christoper Cousins) to stalk Lisa (Diane Kruger). Love is what drives Alex (Rose Byrne) to do the things she had done to make Matthew (Josh Hartnett) and Lisa apart. Love is what drives Matthew to continuously search for Lisa. Love is what drives Lisa to believe in Matthew. The story also revolves around destiny. Whatever others do, whatever happens, destiny definitely knows its way.

But destiny alone will not work, it needs love and act. Matthew and Lisa found each other because destiny leads them to one another regardless of who or what stop them, no matter how much one doesn’t want them to.

Because I think, there are just two reasons for that; it is love, the other is destiny.