Such An Honor To Have Them

I KNOW it’s hard to accept what you hear from your friends. Because even if their words comfort you, it doesn’t stop the pain. And how much they explain things, you always know that they are not feeling what you’re feeling.

It is hard to accept, yes, but it is nice to hear and it feels good knowing that they care. Their comforting words may not be able to stop the pain but it will make you feel better even if the pain is still there. They explain such things hey-this, hey-that, it’s-okay, and blahblahblah but simply they just want you to know that they are there for you, that you are not alone. You always know that they are not feeling what you’re feeling but here is a fact; even if your friends do not feel the same way as how you do, they understand you, they understand what you’re going through. That’s what friends are.

Those who lend their hands even if we need no help, those who stays beside us even if we need no company, those who back up us even if we do not need it, those who stand for us when we cannot stand anymore, those who lift us when others let us down, those who understands us even if there are no words to be spoken, those who accept us together with our frailties, those who love us when we did not ask them to, they are those whom we call as friends.

And I am happy I have those kind of people, those friends of mine. I know they are my friends and vice versa. Such an honor to have those kind of people.


With Fear I Face Life, While You Befriended Fear and Face Death…

I TOOK your hand and hold it tight
I don’t want you out of my sight
When in darkness you gave me light
And it is coz of love, you fight.

In times of these I need to be strong
And you’ll be staying there for how long?
Waiting for you my tears were prolonged
But it’s by your side where I belong.

I close my eyes and saw you smile
Can we just stay here for a while?
I tried to reach you in a mile
But you just stand there with your smile.

I open my eyes, with fear I face life
While you befriended fear and face death
Reality stabs me with a sharp knife
Can’t we just go back to the time we met?

Farewell to the sight of you my dear
But neither to your voice I still hear
Nor to your love that’ll always be here
Thanks, with your love there’s nothing I fear.


Living With These Clothes

IT’S OUR clothes.. Others may adore how brave we are. Some see us as a person who is fear-free, a person who walks with pride.

But bravery isn’t really it.

Sometimes we just didn’t want them to know how scared we are. We just didn’t want them to show our weaknesses. Because if we let them show such things, we don’t know how will they react, we don’t know what will happen.

And that’s the reason we are so afraid; we don’t want to know.. We don’t want to know because it will change something. And we’re afraid of changes. Afraid of changes because we’re not used to it. Because we don’t want to learn or to do new things. Because we don’t want to adjust. Because we don’t understand. Because it’s set in our minds that it will change the something into nothing.

And we all hate what we don’t understand.. So our tendency is to choose to wear our clothes on thinking things will be better that way.

“We fear what we do not understand.”


Still a Great Escape

WHEN WHAT I only hear is Music… I am relieved. Relaxed. Alive most of the time. Listening to Music is like drowning my soul into oblivion. When it comes to Music, I am a total random. He makes me feel good, better.

But there are times, instead of bringing me into the world of oblivion, Music drowns me to the sea of heaviness, to the ocean of sadness. He also teaches my tears to run.

I put my earphones on and turn the volume up. I don’t wanna hear anything; about things, about everything. I want to go to where music will bring me, to the world I rarely visit but to the world where I wanted to stay. Listening, sometimes, is tiring; even if there’s no need to do anything at all. No movement needed, no effort required, just time and ears. But even time and ears seem exhausted of waiting and hearing such things. So Music is my savior, he’s my best escape.

He’s my way of escaping but he also catches me, put his arms around me and embraced me tightly. I cannot outrun him because in the first place, I didn’t think of running believing that he will bring me to the world I wanted and when he brought me to the latter world, I can’t struggle anymore because I’m already in that world.  Jailed into the world of worry where he lets my heart feels what I felt, lets myself  worry to what had happened, lets my mind think what I have thought.

People and happenings came flashing, blinding me with pain, hitting me with feelings, stabbing me with remorse. And it’s because of the songs; its mouth singing the words, its hand producing the melody. The words let me remember people, people who matter to me. And the melody lets me remember feelings, feelings I felt for those who matter to me. Then happenings, happenings that have happened to me and to those people. But then, I thank Music for he makes me alive; makes me feel the pain, makes me see the hurt, but then Music also brings me to the world where I belong.

He is still my great escape.