With Fear I Face Life, While You Befriended Fear and Face Death…

I TOOK your hand and hold it tight
I don’t want you out of my sight
When in darkness you gave me light
And it is coz of love, you fight.

In times of these I need to be strong
And you’ll be staying there for how long?
Waiting for you my tears were prolonged
But it’s by your side where I belong.

I close my eyes and saw you smile
Can we just stay here for a while?
I tried to reach you in a mile
But you just stand there with your smile.

I open my eyes, with fear I face life
While you befriended fear and face death
Reality stabs me with a sharp knife
Can’t we just go back to the time we met?

Farewell to the sight of you my dear
But neither to your voice I still hear
Nor to your love that’ll always be here
Thanks, with your love there’s nothing I fear.


4 thoughts on “With Fear I Face Life, While You Befriended Fear and Face Death…

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