Such An Honor To Have Them

I KNOW it’s hard to accept what you hear from your friends. Because even if their words comfort you, it doesn’t stop the pain. And how much they explain things, you always know that they are not feeling what you’re feeling.

It is hard to accept, yes, but it is nice to hear and it feels good knowing that they care. Their comforting words may not be able to stop the pain but it will make you feel better even if the pain is still there. They explain such things hey-this, hey-that, it’s-okay, and blahblahblah but simply they just want you to know that they are there for you, that you are not alone. You always know that they are not feeling what you’re feeling but here is a fact; even if your friends do not feel the same way as how you do, they understand you, they understand what you’re going through. That’s what friends are.

Those who lend their hands even if we need no help, those who stays beside us even if we need no company, those who back up us even if we do not need it, those who stand for us when we cannot stand anymore, those who lift us when others let us down, those who understands us even if there are no words to be spoken, those who accept us together with our frailties, those who love us when we did not ask them to, they are those whom we call as friends.

And I am happy I have those kind of people, those friends of mine. I know they are my friends and vice versa. Such an honor to have those kind of people.