To Be One of Them

THE WORLD can’t stop talking…
And even if your ears are tired,
even if your mouth utters stop,
even if your eyes are full of anger,
it wouldn’t stop for you.

And it never will stop.

All you can do is talk to them,
talk with them
in order to avoid the anger,
the frustration,
the agony.

Because in this world that can’t stop talking,
you can’t just told the world to stop.

You need to be one of them in order not to lose.


Simple Greetings

SUN GREETED you upon

as what I should have done

neither I’ve forgot

ode to enjoy a lot

happy birthday!



Nighttime’s Unwanted Visitors


Midnight visits with feeble jaws,
while my teeth grind on white
horror –
my head has awaken, my body
has not.

A house is clouded with
my ghosts. Beautiful,
Numbing my legs with
a chainsaw gaze, I am barely breathing

Her pale hands reach out
my frozen plan. I am barren, dry of
thought, palpitating.

The daylight brings demons enough, but
I cannot
escape the night.
It comes as expected. Never without
ugly dread
cold sweats. Always.
soaked with paralysis, drenched
with the past.

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A Quagmire With Love

SHE’S TOO young to love you,
yet too young when she loved him.

She’s too gaunt for you,
yet too chubby for him.

She’s too silent for you,
yet too loud for him.

She’s too serious for you,
yet too comic for him.

She’s too loved by you,
yet too hurt by him.

You make her pleased,
he made her bittersweet.

You make her laugh,
he made her weep .

You never wanted to hurt her,
he intended to hurt her.

All you did is to make her feel appreciated,
all he did is to make her feel rejected.

He had the guts to broke her heart,
You have the strength to fixed it.

You’re her present,
he was her past;
yet there’s a part of her
that still love him,
and she still love him
more than you.

We’re just two people,
victims of love;
you loved her,
she loved him.

We’re just two people,
victims of hurt;
you were hurt by her,
she was hurt by him.

We’re just two human beings
who showed and
shared our feelings.

We’re just two people
who lets it out and
lets our feelings known.

We’re just two individuals
who were hurt.

We’re just two folks who were just,
unintentionally, in love with somebody
who doesn’t feel the same way.

You were hurt, she was the hurter.
She was hurt, he was the hurter.


We Heard It But We Didn’t Listen

WHY DO we, if not always then most of the time, answer a question and gave a wrong answer even if how simple the question is. Why are we so blind to think? When somebody asks us something we answer in a hurry thinking they needed the answer right away and our answer ending up wrong because the words came out our mouth even before the brain send the words for us to say it out loud. Why? Because we are so eager to answer all the questions thrown to us. As if not answering it the moment it is fired, it will lit and burn us to ashes. So instead of thinking what will our answer be, we gave the wrong answer, we have chosen the wrong words. And that complicate things. Why are we so blind to see? We focus on the answer in the question asked to us instead of focusing in the question itself. We have taught our eyes to look at the wrong side; looking for an answer without looking at the question first.