A Quagmire With Love

SHE’S TOO young to love you,
yet too young when she loved him.

She’s too gaunt for you,
yet too chubby for him.

She’s too silent for you,
yet too loud for him.

She’s too serious for you,
yet too comic for him.

She’s too loved by you,
yet too hurt by him.

You make her pleased,
he made her bittersweet.

You make her laugh,
he made her weep .

You never wanted to hurt her,
he intended to hurt her.

All you did is to make her feel appreciated,
all he did is to make her feel rejected.

He had the guts to broke her heart,
You have the strength to fixed it.

You’re her present,
he was her past;
yet there’s a part of her
that still love him,
and she still love him
more than you.

We’re just two people,
victims of love;
you loved her,
she loved him.

We’re just two people,
victims of hurt;
you were hurt by her,
she was hurt by him.

We’re just two human beings
who showed and
shared our feelings.

We’re just two people
who lets it out and
lets our feelings known.

We’re just two individuals
who were hurt.

We’re just two folks who were just,
unintentionally, in love with somebody
who doesn’t feel the same way.

You were hurt, she was the hurter.
She was hurt, he was the hurter.



One thought on “A Quagmire With Love

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