Learn To Say; All is Well

3 Idiots (2009) – HAVE YOU ever asked yourself (wherever you are right now, whatever you’re doing right now) about what you have reached and what you are now, is it your plan? Or a plan of others for you? Think. Go back to where you started. Remember the dream you wanted for yourself and not the others’ dream for you. This is a movie which reveals a story behind everyone, especially college students. A story about competition, pride, hope, faith, family, love, life, and —friends. This must-watch movie touches my heart. It shows that life is not about a race or money, not about competition or getting ahead of others, it is not what others want it to be. Life is just what you want it to be. Education is not about memorization or ranks, not about who’s first and who’s last or who’s top and who’s not, not about time and mind pressure, not about the degrees you have attained. Education is all about what you want to learn and what you have learned and how you have learned those. Love is not about prices, not about being an asshole for being blind or being dictated by others. Love is what you are feeling deep inside, true and everlasting. Faith is not about religion or who you believed in. Faith is simply what connects us to what we believe. Family is not about a command-and-follow relationship but a speak-and-listen relationship and a lean-on-me thing, not about a responsibility but a privilege. And most of all, in this movie; friendship. It is not about where-you’re-from or what’s-your-name thing but it is who you really are and how you really care.

I never regret the almost-three hours of my time, the almost-three hours that made me laugh, smile, and make my tears escape. Funny how friends can standby with their fellow friends no matter what, how friends can do strange things for the sake of their beloved friends. Aal izz well. Aal izz well!

(written: June 5, 2011)


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Everything Teaches Something

TRUTH TAUGHT me to lie
Dreams taught me to aim high

Words taught me to speak

Life taught me to live
Faith taught me to believe

Stories taught me to listen

Hurt taught me to fight
Pens taught me to write

Lies taught me to fool others

Friends taught me to trust
Curiosity taught me to ask

Sleep taught me to escape

Suffocation taught me to breath
Time taught me to forget

Mask taught me to hide

Anger taught me to hate
Patience taught me to wait

Friendship taught me to influence

Appreciation taught me to smile
Beauty taught me to admire

Emptiness taught me to drink

Conscience taught me to forgive
Imagination taught me to be creative

Memories taught me to remember

Animals taught me to care
Failures taught me to be scared

Novels taught me to read

Hunger taught me to eat
Jokes taught me to show my teeth

People taught me to be jealous

Family taught me to be strong
Hope taught me to hold on

Problems taught me to run

Strangers taught me to be friendly
Reality taught me to open my eyes widely

Happiness taught me to leave my problems

Betrayal taught me to trust only few
Death taught me to shed tears on cue

Love taught me to feel
but it is you
who taught me
——to love.