My Friend’s a Fiend

I WAS jumping and jumping
my happiness in the ceiling
so I told him everything
he listens and listens
to my stories of sirens
he said, that’s great!
with a big smile of fate.

I was sobbing and sobbing
my head in the railing
so I told him everything
he listens and listens
to my whining of sirens
he said, it’ll gonna be okay,
but that’s what all say.

He is a friend, my friend
my trust’s never bend
so my stories never end
he said, I’m always here
but he’s just always near.

He’s wicked, he’s a fiend,
but he’s my friend.
He’s quiet, he’s silent,
but to me he’d always went.
He’s unique, he’d agonized,
but he always sympathizes.


One thought on “My Friend’s a Fiend

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