t Sms Snslss

I DN’T wnt t b ndrstd. Myb I’m gvng y hdch rght nw. nd f y fl s, I sggst y stp rdng ths. Ths wll sms t b  sht fr thr, fr mny. Bt I hv  pnt n dng ths, n wrtng ths. My pnt s I dn’t wnt t b ndrstd. I wntd ppl t try hrd nd ndrstnd ths n thr wn. I wnt thm, y, t try hrd s jst hw hrd ths wrds t rd, jst s hw hrd ths wrds t ndrstnd. My pnt, ls, myb frm ths wh r rdng ths, s t knw whch frm y cn rlly ndrstnd ths.

Cz vn f I dn’t wnt t b ndrstd, thr’ll b ppl wh crd ngh t try ndrstndng m, ppl wh lvd m ngh t sty by my sd thrgh thck nd thn.

r y n f ths? r r y n f ths wh ddn’t mnd ths wrtng f mn? My chllng s; cn y ndrstnd m? f s, why dn’t y tlst rply t ths pst f mn by lvng cmmnt? S I’ll knw f y rlly dd ndrstnd m. Hv gd dy!

People are hard to understand.
We really didn’t understand ourselves either.
People let others to define them, because,
we, ourselves, didn’t know ourselves at all.


3 thoughts on “t Sms Snslss

  1. We understand ourselves. Others do not because they are not “we”. We know ourselves. Others do not.
    We hope for understanding, compassion, empathy, an ear, but do not get any. That’s when we question others.

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