Hey June! You Really Needed To Do That To Me?

WELL, JUNE already left. It left me with a broken heart.. Yeah, June really broke my heart. It ended without really much ado. It ended leaving me with pain. It ended as if it has just been a day.

It hurts pretending you’re not hoping but deep inside you really are. And it hurts more hoping for the things which are really impossible, hoping for the things which we already knew won’t happen, hoping for the things which will hurt us.

But it’s an innate thing to human; to hope, to hope knowing we’ll just get hurt.

So here’s what I’ve been whining for; June ended without that certain thing I’ve been waiting for. Yes I’ve been waiting for that certain thing to happen. I told everyone, “–but I’m not hoping. I don’t believe it!”, when in fact what I’ve been holding inside is; “ohh please. Please let it happen. Please..”

I was really hoping! I was longing for it. I even have a countdown for the month of June. But then, the very last week of June, I felt so down. I don’t feel like waiting but I did continue counting til the very last day which is such a stupid thing to do. So stupid. So fool of me. It just hurts more clinging til the very end..