Complicated As Hell

This entry was originally written (started) by my brother (here’s his blog). He started this entry but then gave up. He told me to continue this post so I did. Hope this won’t disappoint you Kuya (brother)!

LOVE – THIS has always been a topic all people will be interested to or will have a say with. Some will give pieces of advice while others will be badly seeking for them. Yet, the ultimate question is always “Who knows what?” To whom shall you go if you need certain love advice? Who will give you a correct one? As regards to these questions, only one thing is for sure, we’ll never know. That alone proves that this specific topic can be as complicated as hell. –Really as hell.

Well let’s just start to the definition of love. When you ask people, “what is love?”, they’ll give different answers. Some will give positive answers, some will give negative answers, some will be speechless, some will joke about it, some will take it seriously, some will give the aura of not-that-interested when in fact all of us are really into love. Well, see! We, ourselves, didn’t really sure what love is. We define love as if we’re sure about it, as if we’re expert about that thing but deep inside we really don’t know. Complicated as hell.

Let’s continue by asking; “have you been in love?” Ohh I can see the smile on the faces. I can see the frown on the forehead. I can see the pout of the lips. I can see the trembling of the hand. I can see the flickering of the eyes. I can hear the squeals. I can hear the ‘oohhs’. I can hear the sighing. I can hear the cursing. It seems like I see all of their reactions, hear all their expressions, feel all their tenses which they were trying to hide. Have you been in love? Complicated as hell.

Who knows what? Who knows love? Who loves who? Have you ever been in love? What is love? There are lots of questions about love, never-ending questions.. Love –it’s complicated as hell!