The greatest pain!

While I was reading this, I said “I’m gonna reblog this”.
After reading this, I was like “ohhh”.

While reading this, there’s something which connects this to a part of me.
After reading this, I said “I’m really really really going to reblog this”.

So here it is. I hope this will not make you only feel sympathy but will also make you feel you needed to do something, you needed to make a move, you needed to make even a small change.

Hug the people around you.
Have time to ask how they feel.
Watch the words you’re throwing to them.
Understand why their actions change.
Listen to what their silence means.
Let your friends feel appreciated.

Things People Did

*this was written not today*



WELL.. TODAY was not really my day. I was moody. Others would tell something and I’ll just rebut it. Others would ask me something and I’ll just reason out sounding like wanting a debate.

Little did I know I was already debating with myself.

People I care seems like rejecting me
People I care seems like walking out of my life
People I care seems like not caring at all

What have I done? Why do people do such things to me? Why do different people do the very same thing others have done to me? Things that hurt me. Things which, as much as possible, I was avoiding.

Am I the problem? What have I done to them that push them to do such things? What is the problem? What’s MY problem?