Just An Ordinary Day With a Little EXTRA!

TODAY: TWO exams and report/presentation -.- It’s a hell day for me!

So I promise myself that after those acads, I’m gonna treat myself! That after those, I’m gonna enjoy the rest of the day! So I did. And what’s better? I’ve enjoyed the rest of my day with my friends! (:

Moonleaf’s Milk Teas

Wintermelon milk tea for me with pudding as an add-on (:

While hanging in there…

Yes, It’s Us! (:

(T)hank (G)od it’s (R)eally (A)wesome!

My hell day’s over. Well I so love this day! (:

Just another day
with classes to attend..

Just another day
with exams to take..

Just another day
with requirements to pass..

Just another day
with friends to laugh..

Just another day
with milk teas to drink..

Just an ordinary day
with a little EXTRA!


2 thoughts on “Just An Ordinary Day With a Little EXTRA!

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