Now And One Day

NOW, IT wouldn’t hurt to talk to a stranger,

But one day, we’re not gonna be strangers anymore.


Now I’m falling for you,

But one day, I’ll fall all over again.


Now I’m asking you for a friendship,

But one day, I’ll ask for your heart.


Now maybe you still don’t know what I’m feeling,

But one day, you’ll know, you’ll feel it, too.


Now I’m hiding your identity from people,

But one day, I’ll reveal who you are.


Now I know that I love you,

But one day, I know I’ll still love you.


Now I’m telling the world how much I love you,

But one day, I’ll let you know how much I love you.


Now I’m telling you, invisibly, I love you,

But one day, I’ll tell you in the eye, I love you.


Now I’m just another human being to you,

But one day.. one day.. I’m gonna be special to you.


The Moment I Knew

I’VE BEEN waiting

Not searching

Because I knew I’ve known you


Long before I met you

You’re the one

I knew

The moment I saw you


I felt something

Something I just can’t explain

Something that is totally different

but then, something familiar


For the first time

Something which made me say

You’re the one

You’re just the one

You’re the only one


But the thing is

You didn’t feel something

You didn’t feel anything

You didn’t feel a thing


The thing is

the moment you met me

is just like any other moment

is just like a no-important-moment


I knew you’re the one

the only one

the things is



you also knew





that I’m not the one



(no punctuation marks can express how much pause
how much break i needed
knowing that.. that situation)


Simple Realization #5





that mini heart attack when my prof told me to see him after class o.O

but it was just about the requirements I didn’t pass and he gave us a chance

#requirements #absences #laziness


Worth Keeping, Worth Remembering!

NEW FOUND happiness from the people I just met
new found festivities from these people
new found moment with these people

these people made the pain go away
these people made me laugh all the way
these people made the trip worth it

I had a really great time with them.
They are more than fun to spend time with.

falls with teammates, yay! cold water

              running water and we pose for a picture;                    (L-R) Selma, Karen, me, Trisha, Jumine, Junine

breakfast/mirienda (pandesal and liver spread)

unfinished presentation of food for boodle fight

Black Cats with Ma’am Mayo

                           Black Cats on the water; (L-R)                           Karen, Lot, Me, Junine, Jonah

(pink team) The Vipers who shared their prizes to us; (L-R) Yel, Justine, Cecile, Aleli, Nadine

(blue team) The Royal Blue

laughing about..

                                       the “wala lang” game;                                          (L-R) Selma, Karen, Erwin, Ken, Trisha

savoring the running water

                   the grey team cheering for their cheer!;                       (L-R) Jumine, Selma, Aj, Carlo, Jem, Rachel

                               been waiting to go down;                                       (L-R) Trisha, Jonah, Karen, Selma, me

candid shot – laughing for startling; Karen and me

Royal Blue broiling the eggplant

vanmates (the grey and black team)

Black Cats broiling the liempo

having fun on the running water – like kids!

The Grey Team (vanmates and co-team of Black Cats)     (L-R) AJ, Carlo, Selma, Jem, Jumine, Rachel

the pleasure of tampisaw; Karen and me

Lot and me

it’s raining happiness

Karen and Lot (black)

me and Jonah (black)

   Grey Team who also prepared for Black Cats’ food;  (L-R) AJ, Jem, Rachel, Selma, Jumine, Carlo

the PE 2 OR class

these are the PEOPLE I’m talking about

meet the suspect for our happiness, Prof. Mayo

di man tayo natuloy sa trekking, di naman nawala ang saya at tawanan (:

this trip wouldn’t be that fun if these people are not there,
this trip wouldn’t be that fun if the people there are not them,
this trip wouldn’t be that worth remembering if I’m not with these people,
well.. this trip is a lot lot more fun!

A lot more than what I expected it to be (:

(photos were grabbed from Lot. hihi)


Simple Realization #4




the joy of meeting new people and having a great time with them (:

#PE2-OR #fieldtrip #happiness


Imperfections Of My Hand

COZ THERE are times when I told myself that I can’t really draw.. but here are the times when I journey through oblivion and found myself impressed by my own hand..

There are imperfections. Using pen means drawing without any mistake. But sometimes, those imperfections are what make it perfect.

Black and white is beauty

black and white show the true colors

black and white..


Simple Realization #3





that feeling when someone makes you smile ((:

#twitter #upaems


Simple Realization #2





that moment when you made someone, if not laugh, then even smile (:

#friends #jokes


Simple Realization #1





the joy of having a conversation with someone you just met and not feeling any shame

#people #comfortable #understanding


Giving a Bad Name

The winner deserves the title!

Winning is hearing the clapping and the cheering of the crowd.

It’s just sad to think that winning means everything but losing means blaming the winner.

Stop giving the winner a bad name.