The Moment I Knew

I’VE BEEN waiting

Not searching

Because I knew I’ve known you


Long before I met you

You’re the one

I knew

The moment I saw you


I felt something

Something I just can’t explain

Something that is totally different

but then, something familiar


For the first time

Something which made me say

You’re the one

You’re just the one

You’re the only one


But the thing is

You didn’t feel something

You didn’t feel anything

You didn’t feel a thing


The thing is

the moment you met me

is just like any other moment

is just like a no-important-moment


I knew you’re the one

the only one

the things is



you also knew





that I’m not the one



(no punctuation marks can express how much pause
how much break i needed
knowing that.. that situation)


10 thoughts on “The Moment I Knew

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