Now And One Day

NOW, IT wouldn’t hurt to talk to a stranger,

But one day, we’re not gonna be strangers anymore.


Now I’m falling for you,

But one day, I’ll fall all over again.


Now I’m asking you for a friendship,

But one day, I’ll ask for your heart.


Now maybe you still don’t know what I’m feeling,

But one day, you’ll know, you’ll feel it, too.


Now I’m hiding your identity from people,

But one day, I’ll reveal who you are.


Now I know that I love you,

But one day, I know I’ll still love you.


Now I’m telling the world how much I love you,

But one day, I’ll let you know how much I love you.


Now I’m telling you, invisibly, I love you,

But one day, I’ll tell you in the eye, I love you.


Now I’m just another human being to you,

But one day.. one day.. I’m gonna be special to you.


6 thoughts on “Now And One Day

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