You Smile And The World Will


THERE’S a lot of reasons to smile. There’s a lot of for whom to smile.

Smile for strangers. You may never knew them but just a smile and it will make them think of why are you smiling and they, too, without realizing it, will be smiling.

Smile for your friends. Oh it will make them happy. Smile with them. Or even laugh with them and you’ll never think of your problems for a moment.

Smile for your family. Put a smile in your face and it’ll be painted in their faces, too.

Smile for your pets. This may be weird but hey, they can feel your happiness. They can feel whatever you’re feeling. So smile and they will smile with you.

Smile for babies. Oh yes! Smiling at babies is the best. You won’t smile for them, you’ll smile because of them. Just seeing a baby looking at you (or best, smiling at you) will definitely make a curve on your lips.

And lastly..

Smile for yourself. It will make you feel better. Just put a smile on your face and your brain will recognize it as happiness.. So give your mind and heart a break. Smile! (:

Smile for everyone and they will smile at you, for you (:


Be Mine Coz I’m Yours

IF I can’t
get you

I hope
my words
got you

I hope
my words
jailed you

I am
already yours
I hope
You’ll be mine, too.



Ano’ng Meron Sa Butas Ng Donut?

ANG BUHAY ay parang donut, may butas sa gitna..

May kulang ba? Bakit kailangan may butas? Ilan lang yan sa mga tanong na marahil naiisip ng ibang tao kagaya ko.

Hindi natin alam kung ano yung palaging kulang, hindi natin alam kung bakit dapat may butas sa gitna. Hindi natin alam yung dahilan..

Pero hindi ba, hindi natin naiisip yung mga bagay na yun? Hindi naman natin sya napapansin? Pero tulad nga ng iba, marahil ay tulad ko din na nais din malaman. Marahil tulad ng iba at tulad ko ay sumagi sa isipan na magtanong o mag isip ng mga ganung bagay.

Donut. Oo, masarap. Kakagatin natin. Kakainin.. Hanggang sa maubos. Donut. Pag kinain na natin saka natin marerealize sa huli na wala palang kulang.

Walang kulang. Na sapat na pala. Kung minsan gusto pa natin, parang nakukulangan. Pero ang di natin alam ay kapag kumain ulit tayo sa pangalwang pagkakataon ay hindi ba, hindi tulad ng satisfaction na naramdaman natin sa unang pagkakataon? Iba pa din ang isa. Iba pa din ang una.

Sapat na ang isa. Dalwahin mo at masarap pa din ngunit bumaba ang kalidad. Tatluhin mo at mas nabusog ngunit sapat lamang sa pandadagdag sa tyan at di na inisip ang sarap o lasa. Apatin mo at sobra na.. Limahin mo at hanggang sa isuka mo na.

Ewan ko kung bakit ko ‘to sinusulat. Hindi ko din alam kung bakit ko ‘to naiisip. Hindi ko rin alam kung sasang-ayon kayo sa akin. Ang tanging alam ko lang ay sa pagkain ng donut.. Ngunit hindi ko rin alam kung bakit ito sumagi sa isipan ko.

Parang buhay ang donut. Ika ko nga nung una, may butas. May kulang? Ngunit pag kinain saka lang mararamdaman na “ay, tama lang pala. ay, masarap pala”

Parang buhay na kapag namuhay lang tayo, may kulang?

Parang buhay na sa kakaisip natin kung ano yung kulang nakakalimutan natin ang ibang bagay na nasa harap na natin.

Parang buhay na sa kakaintindi natin sa mismong buhay, naiwawalang bahala natin ang mga ibang bagay na may tunay na kahulugan sa atin.

Parang buhay na sa kakahanap natin sa kulang ay sya din pagkawala ng paningin natin sa kahalagahan ng kung ano’ng meron tayo.

Parang buhay na akala natin palaging kulang, hindi pala.

Hindi pala. Sapagkat kaya lang naman sya nagkukulang ay dahil na rin sa ating kaisipang “may iba akong kailangan”

Sapagkat kaya lang naman sya nagkukulang ay dahil na rin sa hinaing nating “bakit wala ako nito? bakit wala ako nun?”

Sapagkat kaya lang naman sya kulang ay dahil na rin sa paniniwalang “bakit ba palaging may kulang?”

Bakit hindi nating subukang mamuhay lang at wag intindihan ang kulang.. wag kwestyunin ang buhay..

Huwag na tayong mag aksaya pa ng panahon sa pag intindi sa mismong buhay, mamuhay na lang tayo sa alam nating paraan.

Tara! Iwanan muna ang mga isipin. Donut? (:


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I Dream the Dream

Sincere Slapdash

ImageI dream of waking up in a small pad with Fleur-de-lis pattern all over the wall. I will peek at window and my eyes will capture the outline of the “most photographed icon” in the world. I will excitedly take in a lot of fresh air, as if that is going to be my last, and exhale happiness. I will eagerly prepare and go out with a beam in my face. I will stroll on the long avenue until I reach a historical image that distinguishes it from any other avenues worldwide. I will then go to a cafe for breakfast. Am I alone? I do not really care. Being physically there will be the entire thing that will matter. To continue, I will converse with the waitress. I will be delighted and proud of myself as I drop those phrases with the accent, enough for her to catch it…

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Significance Of The Ambiance

I’M GLAD we abandoned the milk tea shop which I don’t want to reveal the name. We went there to write (blog). But I can’t manage to even start. It’s because there were a lot of mouths. Mouths here and there without ears. People talk as if all they have are mouths, as if they’ve got no ears to hear and realize how loud their voices are.

And now here we are in Taza Mia. A coffee shop where I’m loving the ambiance. It’s my first time here even if I heard of it a vast of time. A coffee shop free of mouths. People are talking but not like the people there in the said milk tea shop earlier. Also the crews are good in a way approachable. The music isn’t deafening. Oh yes, I should stop comparing.. It’s just that, here I can find myself writing without any disturbances.

I’ve got a draft about the said milk tea shop and I’ve written it while we were there. I just feel like sharing this first than the ranting about the latter one.


A Poem

YES I can write

A five-worded poem


Unclothing The Unconcious Self

WHAT IS mandala? That was my question, too, upon hearing it. Yes it is a requirement to us to make one. But even if it is a must-do, our prof told us to take it seriously and do it with a peace of mind. It is sacred, she said.

I search for it in the internet to understand more about mandala. Mandala means circle. It is “a representation of the unconscious self”. So I really need to take it seriously. Our prof said it will tell a lot about ourselves through that mandala. We can use whatever we wan, we can draw whatever we want. But the circle is a requirement. Also, we should be drawing in a place where we feel comfortable, in a quiet place, in a place where we are relaxed..

Yes I don’t have any problem on drawing because it’s my passion. I draw. I want to draw. Drawing has been ‘in’ me. The only problem that I knew I will encounter is how to start and how to finish it.

To be honest, I find it hard to make a mandala. I find myself stuck, with nothing to think and nothing to draw. I’ve managed to finish my mandala (almost) within a day. I started to draw then I’ll stop and think. Hmm.. not just think, more on.. reflect on myself, about myself. Then draw again. Reflect. Draw. Until I’m satisfied with it.

Background story: I don’t have a favorite color. And I stopped using color or oil pastel in drawing. I just use a pencil. But where I’m really comfortable is in using pen (ballpen). Yes, pen. It’s alright with me if I’ll have a mistake. What is in my mind is that, if i did something wrong, I’ll do anything and everything to make it as perfect as possible. I know I can’t make it right anymore but it doesn’t mean that it will not be perfect.

Being good is not a compilation of right, but a compilation of wrongs with the right things to do to make everything fall into place.

So here’s my mandala in the making using pen:

my all-set mandala

I want to elaborate what every symbol, drawing, or image drawn in my mandala but it will take too much time and too much words. So I just want you to understand it for yourself. But feel free to ask me anytime, I am more than willing to answer it (:

By the way, I named my mandala; Naked Colors. And I’ve got a number of reasons why.. But I’ll let you handle the realization of why such (;


Sa’yo Kaya?

HINDI KO na alam yung gagawin ko.. Gustung gusto ko syang i-open or sabihin sa iba. Pero hindi ko magawa. Hindi ko din kasi alam kung kailan, at kung kanino dapat?

Kanino ba dapat?

Natatakot kasi ako sa maaaring mangyari pag nalaman ng iba. Natatakot ako sa kung ano ang idudulot nun sakin at sa ibang tao.

Pero.. kasi naman. Antagal tagal na nito. At hanggang ngayon eh di ko pa din nasasabi. Kaya naba-bother pa rin ako kasi ang hirap pag ako lang yung may alam. Ang hirap kaya magtago. Pero di naman talaga sya sikreto, mahirap lang na wala akong mapagsabihan..

Kanino ba dapat?

Haaaay. Kaya di ako mapakali lagi eh. Lagi ko kasi yun naiisip. Kung may mapagsasabihan lang talaga akooo -.-

Kanino ba dapat?


My Secret

secret. But
I never knew
I have one.

They told me
my secret. But
I never knew
it was a secret.

They told me
it is my
secret. And
I told them,

it was a
secret then.
Even if
it never was.