Who Knows “Mr. Philosophy Guy”?

*I DIDN’T take things seriously because they didn’t take it seriously.

So I said I wanted to have fun and make fun of them.

So I chatted with a stranger.*


There’s a phrase before the conversation begins saying;

“The weak must die so the strong may flourish”

Me: the weak must die in order not to suffer
Me: yeah
Me: lol

Stranger: Darwin would disagree I believe.
Stranger: Damn for you.

*and yes I was supposed to get offended or even get angry to the stranger for typing damn for me and I was supposed to leave the conversation but as I said I didn’t take it seriously so I didn’t mind it. I replied..*

Me: thanks

Stranger: is there a third guy?

*the third guy should be monitoring our conversation but can’t join the conversation*

Stranger: He’s wrong too.

*me being so bored and such…*

Me: dunno

Stranger: Lol.
Stranger: Well it can be true of certain circumstances, but it can’t be always true. A single exception would debunk the claim.

Me: yah i agree

Stranger: The weak would be a necessary part of the ecosystem.

Me: So there’ll be a balance

Stranger: Prey and predators.
Stranger: Exactly.

Me: so you enjoy science huh

Stranger: It’s less wrong to say that the  weak die to the benefit of strong normally, given that the strong means more likely to succeed.
Stranger: Yeah, definitely. More a philosophy guy though.

Me: yah i get your point
Me: I didn’t take it srsly coz I think people here are not serious
Me: well i was wrong

Stranger: That’s how I see it too.

*before long our conversation turns to realizations.. and I think it was fun. I was having fun chatting with a stranger. But the thing is.. my internet sucks and I was disconnected. Disconnected from the conversation, disconnected from the stranger, disconnected from the thoughts, disconnected from the philosophy guy.*


It’s just weird how we can chat with a stranger and didn’t feel any shyness. Maybe because being a stanger to someone means they won’t judge us. Maybe because being a stanger to someone means they didn’t knew a thing about you and you know you are safe from any this-and-that others say about you. Maybe because chatting with a stranger means a fresh start without any explanation of who you are and why you do such things.

Well all I can say is I learned from that stranger. I learned from chatting with him. It was supposed to be “me making fun and having fun” but it turns out to be “me learning and realizing things”.

We didn’t gave names nor ask for it. I don’t know why. Maybe we are contented as strangers. But I felt a bit regret from not asking his name; just a sign of respect. Yeah the guy earned respect from me. I respected him. I adore his thoughts, his belief.

My internet sucks. So I think it turns out I leave the conversation. It’s nice to think that a simple conversation with a stanger can make a difference.

Well cheers for Mr. Philosophy guy! Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing (doing bunch things eh?) you made a difference!

It’ll be a mystery for me. I know we’ll never meet nor know each other. But. Hey! Thanks for passing by in my life.



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