If Not Love, Then What?

I LOVE him
he loves me

but why are we apart?

I love him
and he loves me

but why did we part?

I love him and my reason is..
simply because I love him alone

he loves me and his reason is..
simply because I love him

My love is not enough for him to be mine

Love is not enough to make someone stay
Love is not enough to keep someone
Love is never enough?

It’s just hard to think
that my love is never enough..

If love is never enough
what then is enough?


The Little Blessing In Disguise

YOU ARE not supposed to be here.
But anytime soon, you’ll be here.

She’s not supposed to have you.
But anytime soon, she’ll have you.

It’s too early
for you to be in her life

It’s too early
to have you in her life

But there is no wrong timing
for He decided to send you this time

Maybe because she needed you
Maybe because you needed her
Maybe because in order to live
you’ll both need each other.

So, as her friend,
with open arms

Welcome to her life!
Welcome to this universe!
Welcome little blessing!


(I made this poem in behalf of my sister for her friend.
And it’s easy for me because I’ve been in her shoes.)