If Not Love, Then What?

I LOVE him
he loves me

but why are we apart?

I love him
and he loves me

but why did we part?

I love him and my reason is..
simply because I love him alone

he loves me and his reason is..
simply because I love him

My love is not enough for him to be mine

Love is not enough to make someone stay
Love is not enough to keep someone
Love is never enough?

It’s just hard to think
that my love is never enough..

If love is never enough
what then is enough?


8 thoughts on “If Not Love, Then What?

  1. When you search inside yourself and find love grow it’s depth.. You have the full capacity in you to go deep you can tell by what you wrote.. If you grow it then you will be able to give it beyond.. not because you denied it for yourself but because you bathe in it regularly to feel it’s energy! Great post!

    • thanks! (: well i can’t say anything.. you’ve said it well. thanks for the follow too (: thank you! cheers for love! cheers for a great post! (:

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