The Talker

YOU NEVER listen.
That’s why no one wanted to talk to you.
All you want is
you’re the one to do the talking.

Just for a moment
would you please listen?

Why is it that when we talk
it’s your hobby to reason out
it’s your hobby to explain
it’s your hobby to cut off the talker..

You wanted to be the talker
the only talker.
But I’ll tell you
it’s no good.

For once
shut your mouth up
but not your ears.

We’ve got voice
You’re not the only one who got voice
Just saying..

So listen
even just for once!

Just listen
and let us be heard!


You > Anyone

I DON’T know if someone ever needed you more than I do

I don’t know if someone ever loved you more than I do

But what I do know is

I never needed anyone more than I needed you

I never loved anyone more than I’ve loved you.