You and I.. “US”

I’M NO hater
so I can’t hate myself for loving you

I’m no lover
so I can’t love anyone else more than you

I’m no photographer
so I can’t picture us together

I’m no reader
so I can’t read your mind

I’m no writer
so I can’t write u and i

I’m no painter
so I can’t paint my life without yours

I’m no story-teller
so I can’t tell our story

I’m no singer
so I can’t sing my feelings for you

I’m no song writer
so I can’t write a song about us

I’m no inventor
so I can’t invent us

There’s even no us

But one thing I’m sure

I am a dreamer
so I can dream

There’s us
There’s you and I.


3 thoughts on “You and I.. “US”

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