I Dream the Dream

Sincere Slapdash

ImageI dream of waking up in a small pad with Fleur-de-lis pattern all over the wall. I will peek at window and my eyes will capture the outline of the “most photographed icon” in the world. I will excitedly take in a lot of fresh air, as if that is going to be my last, and exhale happiness. I will eagerly prepare and go out with a beam in my face. I will stroll on the long avenue until I reach a historical image that distinguishes it from any other avenues worldwide. I will then go to a cafe for breakfast. Am I alone? I do not really care. Being physically there will be the entire thing that will matter. To continue, I will converse with the waitress. I will be delighted and proud of myself as I drop those phrases with the accent, enough for her to catch it…

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Significance Of The Ambiance

I’M GLAD we abandoned the milk tea shop which I don’t want to reveal the name. We went there to write (blog). But I can’t manage to even start. It’s because there were a lot of mouths. Mouths here and there without ears. People talk as if all they have are mouths, as if they’ve got no ears to hear and realize how loud their voices are.

And now here we are in Taza Mia. A coffee shop where I’m loving the ambiance. It’s my first time here even if I heard of it a vast of time. A coffee shop free of mouths. People are talking but not like the people there in the said milk tea shop earlier. Also the crews are good in a way approachable. The music isn’t deafening. Oh yes, I should stop comparing.. It’s just that, here I can find myself writing without any disturbances.

I’ve got a draft about the said milk tea shop and I’ve written it while we were there. I just feel like sharing this first than the ranting about the latter one.


A Poem

YES I can write

A five-worded poem