It Doubles The Burden

SOME SAYS it was alright. There’s nothing wrong with it. But there are some who don’t wanna hear it. They said that they don’t like it.

But to whom will I open my ears? I don’t know..

Maybe a friend of mine is right –everybody doesn’t need to know something. Sometimes it’s alright not to tell it. Not telling it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re lying.. it’s just.. you’re hiding, you’re keeping quiet. It’s not bad because they don’t need to know everything. And some secrets are worth keeping.

But it was too late for me. I have told them something. And now it burdened me –more. Hiding it and not telling/opening up is a burdened. So I opened up not knowing that it will double the burden.

I have to face the consequences. There are people who won’t listen/understand you. And I’ve got them under my sleeves. I don’t know how to balance this..

But I knew I’m not doing something wrong. I knew I’m not hurting anybody. I just knew that it’s not pleasing someone but I’m not hurting that person either. And what I’m doing is out of that person’s business.

As I said I don’t go pleasing anyone. All I know is I care for someone. And when I said I care, I want to let that person know that I really care.


2 thoughts on “It Doubles The Burden

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