What You Got


     I honestly don’t know what you got. Day by day I fail to forget you. There are times when I don’t think of you because I’m preoccupied and it’s very helpful. The thing is when I suddenly remember you, things started to fall apart. Once I thought of you, I can’t get you out of my mind.

     And it’s beginning to destroy me because it distracts me –totally distracts me. Continue reading

To Walk Away; An Open Letter Of Sarah To John


       I may not remember this exact date (so I won’t write the date today). But I’ll probably remember this day. The day I’ve finally decided to let you go. It may be absurd because you are not mine –you never were. What I meant of letting you go is that, I’ve decided to walk out of your life.

      Yes I know it’s not totally your loss. It was surely mine. You may not even notice that I’m gone. Continue reading

A Night In February

MR. SUNRISE bids farewell
Vast of feet bids welcome
Stilettos landing hard on rocks
Met by thousands of dust
From boots and slip-ons and sandals

Ready to face the rest of the night
With good intentions, altered reasons
With one another, safety encompasses Continue reading


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No Good

DON’T THINK too much

it will lead you to no good.

^~~~^ ★