A Night In February

MR. SUNRISE bids farewell
Vast of feet bids welcome
Stilettos landing hard on rocks
Met by thousands of dust
From boots and slip-ons and sandals

Ready to face the rest of the night
With good intentions, altered reasons
With one another, safety encompassesWith curve on their faces spelled smile
With the presence of their so called –love.

Clasped hands til it bear sweat
A piece of red rose on the other hand
Swaying and swaying, petals came flying
The handler oblivious as the pieces kiss the grounds
A symbolic present almost everyone knows

Atleast that was the scene afar
From an unlighted broken window
Where only the moon is the witness
Of a pair of vacuous warm eyes peeking
–through the veil of enviousness.

★ Just Andy

2 thoughts on “A Night In February

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