To Act And To React


     It’s been too long since the last time I’ve written to you..

     I don’t understand and I don’t wanna understand. I’m just glad that we seems okay even if we’re not writing for some time. Okay in a way.

     Maybe that’s all I needed; not to think of what other people are telling about us, especially about me. You may not know it since you’re far and it is better this way. It is much better not minding them (some people) knowing they are waiting for me to react.

     I’ve learned that to act and to react are two different things. And because of us, because of this, because of you John, I’ve learned how to act, not just react. Before, I found myself reacting to what people are telling which stop me from the actions I wanted to do. That was before.

      The very first time I hold your hand.. You maybe unconsciously stretch your hand in front of me in a way waiting for my hand, and to my surprise, I held it and unheld it as fast as possible. That was the very first time we hold each others hand –obliviously. Yet it has a different effect on me John. You just don’t know..

     John, I’m great. And I think we’re great. I’m looking forward to seeing you and to the days we’re gonna be alright.

     Take care John. As always..

Yours Always,

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