The Way The World Is

HE ADMIRES her and the feelings are mutual
he wanted to witness her smile
she wanted to stare into his eyes

Both responded in stillness
he witnessed her smile
she stared into his eyes

The smile packed with undeclared fondness
the eyes overflowed with concealed affections
Both troubled to take a stride forward

Frightened that her smile will fade away
anxious that his eyes will lost the glitter
Both resided in their comfort zones, satisfied with silence

Why can’t we just take actions
why can’t we just cry the words
How could we be so contented with such

It’s just the way the world is
it’s just the way people are
so we, in return, became the slave of the people and the world

Handcuffed by society, ruled by another’s
Tied by judgement, paralyzed by their eyes
Slaughtered by disguise, swallowed by fear

And by living the way the world used to
He and she lost that very something
A lost love I might say
★ Just Andy

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