I Wanted To Write “How My Summer Has Been”

BUT IF I’ll write about how it has been, there’s gotta be lots of writings and I’m gonna need some time to write those happenings coz there are lots and lots and lots.

So I decided.. I won’t tell you how it was.
Yet I really wanted to. So…. Here!

I found another way of letting you know, of sharing it with you. These will save me a thousand words. They will tell you a lot about my summer. So..

You’ve gotta enjoy reading watching in—

3….. 2….





1st Day at Baguio!


Dinner @ Shakey’s (still in Baguio)


More on Baguio (:

MUC Induction

MUC Induction (Playboy Mansion – Crossdress)


Night out slash Ultimate slash random

Their gift for my big day (from UPAEMS) ❀


Before my big day bids bye (:



Closing time.. Energy-drained people πŸ˜›


Just admiring the cam! lol

Out of the BLUE!

qwertyuiop πŸ˜€

asdfghjklz πŸ˜€

The suddenly-unexpected-night-swimming πŸ˜›

Stolen shots are…
yeah stolen πŸ˜›

Another version of cam whores!

Cam whores!

The so-called vain people!!

Give the cam a break!

Brrrr πŸ˜›

Like how big is his mouth?!!

This four guys must really be so bored..

This four guys must really be so cool!

Like this is their photo #5101136070422…..

This was my best summer so far!

I hope
have talk to you
with much sense.

I hope
those photos
captured enough moments
to tell you

how blessed,
and grateful I am! ((:

(Some photos – grabbed from Rob)
Summer 2013 (April-May)

6 thoughts on “I Wanted To Write “How My Summer Has Been”

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