Story Of A One Beautiful Morning

I FEEL like writing something
something which concerns us

Like for example
It’ll start with “One beautiful morning”
And will end with “What a lovely story isn’t it?”

I yearn for what it is
what’s between you and me

Like for example
You’ll say, “I’m in love with you”
And I’ll say, “What a coincidence!”

One beautiful morning.. it was just an ordinary day yet there’s something different. She can tell, it’ll be a one beautiful morning. She went to her classes. Just like any other day. She met her friends. Just like any other meeting. She laughed a lot. Just like any other laugh. She told never-ending stories. Just like any other stories.

And then.. she spotted him.

And that’s when it became, not just like any other.

They’ve been friends, good friends, close friends. They’ve been together for some time with the rest of their friends. Yet it never changed –every time she sees him, she felt that prick in her heart. Not the prick in a bad way, the good way- where she felt her heart skip a bit –an unexplained something that I cannot even put into words.

It’ll be a one beautiful morning, he thought. There.. he approached them. It was just any other day. He greeted his friends. Just like any other greetings. He laughed with them as he always did. He spoke non-stop— *some part deleted as I decided to* as he always did.

Then he spotted her.

He smiled. A weak one. And she responded with same, a weak one.

He waved at her to come with him. She raised her eyebrows, confused.. or just waiting for him to call wave at her again. And as if he can read her, he waved again and this time, he called her name, too.

He’s nervous. I can tell from the color of his lips. As well as her. I can tell from the curve of her smile. And they both didn’t know what will happen. But I do know. So I’m not that nervous. Okay, maybe a bit because I was am writing this and you are reading this..

Yes, she approached him. And he touched her arms. She felt the warmness of his palm against her skin. She can’t focus. Either him. And so am I.

They walk a little away from some of their friends who seem oblivious to their absence. What they didn’t know is that, they –all of their friends are watching them from afar. They saw everything, from the exchange of those weak smiles,  his wave, her confusion –all eyes are onto them.

Then without planning it, without composing anything, without warning, without waiting for his strength or his thought, with all his might, he whispered into her ears;

“I’m in love with you”

Then he stared at her. Trying to read her.. Trying to concentrate even if the sound of his heart grew deafening. He doesn’t care if it makes him deaf.

It shocked her. His touch, his warmness, his silence, his breathing. Everything. Then it caught her. His lips almost touching her ear. His voice.. That sweet-calm-comforting voice and his words…

Did she hear it correctly? He’s in love with… She can’t believe it.. Yet, it was his stare. Those eyes. Yes, she heard it correctly. She can read it in his eyes.

“What a coincidence!” She said without much ado.

What a lovely story isn’t it?

I desire to write
those sort of stuff

Yet. How?
When there is not anything between you and me

When there is no us


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