Why I’d Rather Love The Night Sky

I LOVE the night sky. How I’d love to spend my time just staring at it..

I’d never done such before. I always have not enough time, I always thought.

Not enough time. Not enough time. The thing is it has been my reason to my very self. And I tend to believe that. So I live like that.

Yet.. I never knew I’ll have the chance to watch it. Watch it all night and not think of anything. Just the stars above, waiting for shooting stars, for airplanes.. I have time. I always have time. The thing is… I was deprived of doing such and there’s a lot of factors why. I won’t start elaborating them. It will just give me a headache.

Then there was this place.. with these people.. and I’m happy at the thought that yes, I can finally do this –with them. It’s amazing how I can do such and with people who seems to like it, too.

Then I realized.. Hey.. This is great. This have a sense. It’s giving me a sense of the night, of the sky, of the stars, of the moon, of life–

I wanted this. I’ve been longing for a night like this one.

Yah. Unbelievable it may seem.. But those times were like living without pretence! I just love being that person who, atlast –even for a while– not think of what she has been doing in favor of dictators. No. Those kind of nights were just simply a person, a me –just me.

The night sky… I love you for being always being there even if I said I don’t have time. I love you for giving me a sense to myself. I love you for you don’t demand what I can’t be. I love you for being different from others. I love you for letting the moon watch me in my sleep. I love you for your silence that comforts me. I love you for the stars you offer just to tell me that you’re everywhere, anytime. I love you for the shooting stars that reminds me that waiting is worthwhile.

I love you for giving those without demanding for return. I love you for doing those things without telling you to do so. I love you for simply being there.

★ Andy

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