Moving Forward; Leaving Behind

I BOUGHT the ticket
–for two..

I sat and waited
in an empty station

I rode the train
and traveled alone

I watched them
as they disappear into my view

I look for an empty compartment
luckily, I found one

I got my book in my hand,
but I’ve got no plan of reading it,
–just to hold something

I geared my head backward
watching the night sky

I saw the moon, lonely it may seem,
the dazzling light it offers
trying to pretend that it is not sad
lucky you, you’ve got that kind of light

I saw the stars, scattered, one, two,–I started to count
then I lost it, they were now behind me, lots of them
I remember my friends, how I missed them
sorry I’m losing you, I knew it’s my fault

I close my eyes
and fell asleep

★ Andy

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