Why Can’t I?

I wanna write about
good things.. happy memories..
those that will inspire people
those that will make them forget about the meaning of hurt
those that will simply bring a smile to their faces even a moment Continue reading

The Rain and You

I once loved the rain
then it reminded me
–the moment when you left Continue reading

A Mist

You’re here with me. Right now..
I looked at you
but you veer your head,
I talked to you
but you just shake your head.

I wanted to look into your eyes
and see what you’re thinking
I wanted to talk to you
and know what you’re up to Continue reading

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes I wonder..
and thought of wanting
to forget everything..

just to forget the hurt..
the pain that I’ve felt..
just to forget the bad memories..

But then.. I thought… Continue reading

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It’s Difficult When It’s Easier

It’s easier this way… Yet it’s difficult.

Easier… We’re fine and talking and laughing
Difficult… We’re not really fine, not really talking, and not really laughing.

When It Gets Hard

Behind our conversations
are unasked questions

Behind our laughs
are invisible tears Continue reading

All Over Again

Let’s go out
one more time

Let’s be open
once again

Let’s work it out
you and me Continue reading

The Last Time

Reminiscing… Pictures of us
reminded me the moment
when we were so contented together

Reminiscing…. Messages of us
reminded me the moment
when we were open with each other Continue reading

When I Saw It

I WAS filled with hurt
With pain
Drenched with tears
Eyes blinded

It turned into anger
Into hatred
Destroying everything
Leaving me with remorse

One morning,
I woke up Continue reading

The One and The Other

The one made the turn and walk away
The other made the way and turn back

The spaces in between proliferate

The other came to a decision—to stop
and veer the head

The one was in a stop motion
and was gazing to the other Continue reading