Live & Reasons To!

Good time of the day!

Just Andy wants to thank you for visiting this blog. This blog is all about realizations in life, things in life; little or big, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the mere fact that we are alive. We must keep living till the last page of our own book. Forget not that we must not close our own book, let God close it for us. He is the right one who must do it. But for now, let us make our book meaningful. Make it inspirational. Filled it with happiness. Let us live each day with purpose. Live our life to the fullest!

The time will come when He will close our book, the book of our own life. But as that time is not yet coming, live! Live because life gave you reasons to!

Thanks for visiting! God bless! (: Keep on exploring thy universe. SMILE!

★ Just Andy

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