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Oh yes

Oh yes

I’ve got a bad side

a dark side


dark secrets

many of them

lots and lots

and i even wonder

if someone’s gonna accept me

the way i am

if someone’s gonna love me

the way i am

those dark dark dark secrets

worst ones



when I put down my book just to be there with you
when I stop talking just to hear your voice
when I’m eager to greet you first thing in the morning
when I’m reluctant to say goodnight because I still wanna talk to you

when I do those kind of things

that’s because
I really want you

I Didn’t Fall In Love

I didn’t fall in love with you the very first time I saw you
I didn’t fall in love with you the second or third or fourth time I saw you

I fell in love between knowing you and being with you Continue reading


Ricocheted intensity of such voice
Over thy ears, it seems like a noise.
Bewildered by the owner of such,
Engulfed by his stories that much.
Rumblings of facts he knew,
Telling to you those which are new. Continue reading

> 21 Days

Everyday seems incomplete without your presence
Your presence physically and even virtually

It’s been a habit.. Our habit
Good mornings and good nights
And making memories in between

Though it’s been awhile
It’s been more than 21 days.. Continue reading

Do You?

When I feel down and bad
Do you think of hugging me?

When I don’t know what to do anymore
Do you think of holding my hand?

When we’re taking a night walk
Do you think of us? Continue reading

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Your Present

Your simple goodnights made me shiver
Even your smileys made me wonder

Drifting, I am soaring; I thought
Overloading happiness you always brought

And now it’s Christmas time
What you give, it’s more than a dime Continue reading

When I Saw It

I WAS filled with hurt
With pain
Drenched with tears
Eyes blinded

It turned into anger
Into hatred
Destroying everything
Leaving me with remorse

One morning,
I woke up Continue reading