Oh yes

Oh yes

I’ve got a bad side

a dark side


dark secrets

many of them

lots and lots

and i even wonder

if someone’s gonna accept me

the way i am

if someone’s gonna love me

the way i am

those dark dark dark secrets

worst ones



when I put down my book just to be there with you
when I stop talking just to hear your voice
when I’m eager to greet you first thing in the morning
when I’m reluctant to say goodnight because I still wanna talk to you

when I do those kind of things

that’s because
I really want you

I Didn’t Fall In Love

I didn’t fall in love with you the very first time I saw you
I didn’t fall in love with you the second or third or fourth time I saw you

I fell in love between knowing you and being with you Continue reading

Do You?

When I feel down and bad
Do you think of hugging me?

When I don’t know what to do anymore
Do you think of holding my hand?

When we’re taking a night walk
Do you think of us? Continue reading

Your Present

Your simple goodnights made me shiver
Even your smileys made me wonder

Drifting, I am soaring; I thought
Overloading happiness you always brought

And now it’s Christmas time
What you give, it’s more than a dime Continue reading

When I Saw It

I WAS filled with hurt
With pain
Drenched with tears
Eyes blinded

It turned into anger
Into hatred
Destroying everything
Leaving me with remorse

One morning,
I woke up Continue reading

The One and The Other

The one made the turn and walk away
The other made the way and turn back

The spaces in between proliferate

The other came to a decision—to stop
and veer the head

The one was in a stop motion
and was gazing to the other Continue reading

Protected: This Is Why It Is “SO MUCH”

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A Percent Of You

So delicate
My heart is made of..

It’s made of 10% emptiness…
an entity of nothing
10% full of blankness

And . . . 1% of you.
Yes, if you may ask..
Only a percent of you. Continue reading

One Last Favor

IF that’s what you want.

But I have one last favor…

Please . . .  Continue reading