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The Better Way


There’s no other way.

There’s only one way.

Just one..

and you have

to make it better.



the air
there’s something in it
I sneeze
and I knew
I breathe something

My hair
the wind
there’s something in it
my hair
the wind blew it
but I knew
it’s not the wind at all

I heard it
the voice
there’s something in it
I heard it
and I knew
it was howling for help

My heart
the atmosphere
there’s something in it
I can feel it
and I knew
someone’s trying to allude

I sneeze. I can smell it..
My hair. It’s trying to communicate.. to me
I heard it. It’s whispering.. to me
My heart. I can feel it..


My Secret

secret. But
I never knew
I have one.

They told me
my secret. But
I never knew
it was a secret.

They told me
it is my
secret. And
I told them,

it was a
secret then.
Even if
it never was.


Could You Talk To My Heart And Tell It To Move On?

IF SOMEONE will ask me why am I wearing this.. I am wearing this because I made it. I am wearing this because it is simply beautiful.

But if I would be asked why am I still wearing this.. It’s because this is special. It’s because this bracelet is as special as who taught me how to make it. What’s the big deal then?

The thing is.. I am still wearing this because I haven’t move on. The only reason to move on is I don’t feel anything for him anymore. But the only reason that I can’t and couldn’t move on is that I can’t bring myself to believe the only reason to move on. I can’t believe because it’s the reciprocal of what my heart has been telling me.

I don’t know til when I’ll be wearing this. But you know.. I tried not to wear it. But my body looks for it. My wrist crave for it. So I simply followed them. But that’s not my reason. It’s an excuse of an in denial me.

The truth is.. I felt incompleteness and my heart kept on looking for it. So I purposely ignored my brain and undoubtingly followed my heart.

How am I supposed to move on if everyday I think of you and every night I dreamed of you?

How am I supposed to move on if every silence means your absence and every voice means your words?

How am I supposed to move on if in every song I hear, I heard your voice and in every music I hear, I remember you?

How am I supposed to move on if in everything I do and even don’t do, I think of you?

How am I supposed to move on if  every time I close my eyes, I feel the pain and every time I open it, I see the past?

How am I supposed to move on if I’ve given you my heart?

How am I supposed to move on if I couldn’t talk to my heart?

How am I supposed to move on if you are the only one for me?


Worth a Million Words

I HAVE read lots of books
I have read hundreds of poems
I have read millions of words

But still I haven’t read a word

I haven’t found a word
A word that is right for you
A word that would describe your importance to me

There seems no word
I’ve encounter a million
I’ve discovered a number

Still it’s not right for you

So maybe a poem will be enough
So maybe this poem will worth a million words
So maybe in this poem you’ll find
if not the right word, then the right feelings

So maybe in this poem you’ll find
my heart

And maybe this poem
will be more than enough
for you my dear
to know what I really feel..


Imperfections Of My Hand

COZ THERE are times when I told myself that I can’t really draw.. but here are the times when I journey through oblivion and found myself impressed by my own hand..

There are imperfections. Using pen means drawing without any mistake. But sometimes, those imperfections are what make it perfect.

Black and white is beauty

black and white show the true colors

black and white..


Unseen. Unspoken. Unforgotten.

UNSEEN. UNSPOKEN. Unforgotten..

Carved. Embedded. Buried.

“maybe it won’t ever go away, coz there’s no other way,
just came and stay, oh it’ll stay”

no need to speak
no need to explain
no need to elaborate
i think my hand knows me more than I do..


You Know My Name.. And??

Names Names Names

KNOWING THE name is just a thing

knowing the name isn’t enough

knowing the name doesn’t mean

knowing the beholder of the name..

“What’s your name,’ Coraline asked the cat. ‘Look, I’m Coraline. Okay?’
‘Cats don’t have names,’ it said.
‘No?’ said Coraline.
‘No,’ said the cat. ‘Now you people have names. That’s because you don’t know who you are. We know who we are, so we don’t need names.”
Neil Gaiman, Coraline


Breaking The Rules Is Bad? –Oops! I Think I Just Did

RULES EXIST as if they are creatures
which obliged human to follow them
creatures that if not followed
then you’ll be punished
creatures that if not followed
then you’re just like them.

But sometimes
it’s okay to break the rules
it’s okay to take the risk
it’s okay to have fun
But what I’m talking ’bout
–the unwritten rules.

I know it’s not good
to throw things at people
verbally and literally
I know it’s not good
to watch people getting mad
emotionally and physically.

I know it’s not good
but not having fun is also not good
we break the rules, take the risk, and have fun
I’ll say one more time, sometimes
it’s okay to break the rules
–the unwritten ones!