A Little Difference Is a Big Change

THERE WILL come a moment in our life when we’ll look back and realize we’ve met many different people. They, different for us.. so do we, different for them. Little did we know that there was this certain person who changed us. Changed us in a way we never imagined. Changed us into someone a lil different from what we used to be.

We’ll come to realize that they, he or she, didn’t change us at all. But we did change for them. We accepted the change which has been waiting for so long. Finally we learned to accept it wholeheartedly, accepted it without a single doubt.. And we owe it to them, her or him.

One morning.. we’ll just wake up with a fresh eyes as if we’re just born again and we’ll see life in a different perspective.

The morning light isn’t just a dazzling light.. but a light that would mark a new beginning. Human beings aren’t just people living.. but there’s more to them than what we should have known. Animals aren’t just creatures, not just pets.. but they are living things capable of caring. Music isn’t just a sound we listen to.. but are songs capable of comforting.. Different views and they removed that blindfold from us.

Our life’s just be different since they came. Our life seems to be better than just enough. People came and they are oblivious to what they have done.. oblivious to how they have affected us.. oblivious that they are the reason for a better person right before their eyes.. oblivious that a little difference is definitely a big change..

I’ve met a lot of different people and that certain person who have driven me to write about this certain change.. And now maybe you’re oblivious, too, that you, yourself, became different person to someone.. that you, yourself, cause a real change to someone.


I WAS there for you but
you didn’t give any importance
so I distance myself
knowing you’ll look for me.

But I was


Not The Joke, It’s About Trust

I WAS pushing people from their seats to the ground. I was just jokingly doing it. But they were reacting as if I’m gonna drop them. And yes I think it was funny.. Hearing them scream, feeling their tightened grip, laughing.. Yes, I used to tease people.

But then there was this one person. I was pushing her. She wouldn’t react. So I pushed her again. Nothing. Then Again. Nothing..

Then I finally asked her; why are you not reacting at all? Aren’t you afraid?

She simply answer; because I know you wouldn’t do it.

Then I realized.. Yes. it’s true. I wouldn’t. Won’t do it. I was just joking them.. And it struck me. I thought it was funny seeing and hearing people reactions whenever I joke them. Little did I know that what I was doing was to know if they would believe in me, if they’re trusting me.

So some people really believe that I want them hurt? Some people really believe I would do such things to hurt them?

But there are some who didn’t even think that I would seriously push them; who didn’t have a second thought that I would hurt them, or I would even let them be in pain..

So I knew.. that it’s about trust then. Trust.


You Smile And The World Will


THERE’S a lot of reasons to smile. There’s a lot of for whom to smile.

Smile for strangers. You may never knew them but just a smile and it will make them think of why are you smiling and they, too, without realizing it, will be smiling.

Smile for your friends. Oh it will make them happy. Smile with them. Or even laugh with them and you’ll never think of your problems for a moment.

Smile for your family. Put a smile in your face and it’ll be painted in their faces, too.

Smile for your pets. This may be weird but hey, they can feel your happiness. They can feel whatever you’re feeling. So smile and they will smile with you.

Smile for babies. Oh yes! Smiling at babies is the best. You won’t smile for them, you’ll smile because of them. Just seeing a baby looking at you (or best, smiling at you) will definitely make a curve on your lips.

And lastly..

Smile for yourself. It will make you feel better. Just put a smile on your face and your brain will recognize it as happiness.. So give your mind and heart a break. Smile! (:

Smile for everyone and they will smile at you, for you (:


What’s On The Other Side?

EATING ON the second floor of a fastfood..

The boy on our left side stared at the nothingness and thinking of I don’t know. He doesn’t know I’m looking at him.

Then I veered my head downward where I saw the night lights of the streets..

The girl crossing the street was focused on the vehicle before her and heading to I don’t know. She doesn’t know I’m looking at her.

The man buying a cake for whom or for what, I don’t know. He doesn’t know I’m looking at him.

The group of students walking and laughing, what they are laughing for nor why, I don’t know. They don’t know I’m looking at them.

The couple, holding hands, they’re couple and it’s obvious but who are they and what they’re thinking of, I don’t know. They don’t know I’m looking at them.

I saw them. Look at them. Stare at them for a moment. Think of what they are thinking. But I don’t know their story nor did they know mine.

This is a good example of, I can say, we only know one side of the story.

Little did I know someone was looking at me.

I smiled at the thought that while I was busy looking at others and reading what’s running on their mind, someone was also busy looking at me. I veered my head and saw his face with a smile painted on it. And those eyes of him darted to me.. For a moment I thought he’s familiar, I thought I knew him, but I didn’t know him at all.

Maybe he was also thinking of what I’m thinking. Well I only know my side, not his.

We only know one side of the story.



It Is An Old Friend

I DON’T know how to react
I don’t know what to feel
I don’t know where to be
I don’t know why

I don’t know how to react
When I heard those kind of news
I know it’s not a good news
But there’s a part of me
That I can’t help but partake

I don’t know what to feel
When I heard those kind of news
I know it’s a bad news
But there’s a part of me
That I can’t understand

I don’t know where to be
When I heard those kind of news
I know it’s a serious thing
But there’s a part of me
That I can’t know where to be

I don’t know why
When I heard those kind of news
I know it’s a complicated thing
But there’s a part of me
That my mind tells, it’s –constant.

Those kind of news, those bad news, those serious things, those complicated things.. I know I’m not supposed to react. I know I’m not supposed to feel something. I know I’m not supposed to be talking about this. I know I’m out of this simply because it doesn’t concern me. Simply because they are just strangers to me. But what I’m talking about is… those people.. who.. left.. There in the latter world they gather. There in the latter world is where they are.

What I’m talking about is…

D E A T H.   i s.   n o r m a l.   D E A T H.   i s.   a n.   o l d.   f r i e n d.


You Should Have Stayed With Me

But I still have hangover.
Classes are about to begin,
But too short summer had been.

Discussions and lessons..
Listening and talking..
Turns out to be;
Stories and jokes..
Doodling and talking..

Summer came and left
Left bringing with her the happenings
Happenings which once made us free
Free from anything which makes us feel something we don’t wanna feel
Anything which reminded us of things we don’t wanna know
Anything which forced us to listen to things we don’t wanna hear
Anything which tied us to the things we wanna leave
Anything which led us to the things that have hurt us
Just any feeling we don’t wanna dare to remember anymore!

But summer is over!
It’s a smile-eraser,
A happy life-killer,
A joy-hacker,
A blogger-stopper.

Classes here they come
And I feel like.. damn!
All I wanna do is hum
Til I fall asleep as bum.

Bye summer,
Hello talker.

Bye blogger,
Hello listener.

Bye writer,
Hello starer.

Bye wordpress,
Hello school desk.

Bye followers,
Hello co-bummers.