For Whom

DON’T DO it for them.

Do it for yourself.
Do it for me.


Walk On By


Yet, somewhere in the process,

some makes a stop Continue reading


DREAMS… WHO says it’s not real?



What is real then?

It’s Just Different…

WE WATCH movies. Read books.
And somewhere in between..
we forgot our world.

The one which hurts us.
The one with so much pain
hidden beneath.
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No Good

DON’T THINK too much

it will lead you to no good.

^~~~^ ★

How Much Is ‘A Lot’

I’VE BEEN thinking of you lately.

A lot.

^~~~^ ★

Whose Fault?

HATING WON’T do me any good.

yet I can’t bring myself no to..

^~~~^ ★