Why Such Blog Exists

*college student
*a Harry Potter fan
*fond of reading novels (Catherine Coulter, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, Robert Ludlum, Andrew Gross, etc.)
*fond of series & movies (Castle, Bones, Chuck, Leverage, NCIS, Criminal Minds, HIMYM, Suits, etc.)
*draw random things (doodles, abstract, letterings, etc.)
*author at Poet’s Corner
*chasing shooting stars ★ ★ ★


How Just Andyr’s blog exists (The Root of My Unseen Self):

It was summer, 2011, and I’ve got nothing to do. I was bored. My brother then has started using wordpress; blogging. I was visiting his site and reading his blog. (We love reading novels. My brother has influenced me that. And I find it interesting.) Until one day, out of boredom, I try to make one. It was just plain and I don’t want myself to be exposed. So I told no one about it. It was just for fun. I never thought I wanted to write. I never know I can, until now. At first I don’t know what to write. I don’t even know how to start. I was longing for topics, topics which are interesting, topics which are easy to write about.

One time, I was writing and then my brother borrowed my laptop. I was about to close/exit my blog but it was too late. He saw it. And boom! My dark little secret was revealed. And guess what? He had written and blogged about it! (Here’s the entry about it)

As time passes by, I find myself writing without thinking of what to write about. Things will just come and invade my mind and I’ll start writing without much ado. I find myself wanting to write, longing to write. But as a student, I don’t have much time. So if something pops out my mind, I’ll just write it in my notebook, in paper, or just type it in my phone. When I got a free time, I’ll make it good and it’s ready to go; to be posted.

Today, it’s summer, 2012. After a year I managed to expose myself a bit. I started linking my goodreads and twitter accounts here in my blog. At this moment I’m using my time to write and blog. I blog and write almost everyday because I know once the classes start, I’ll not have enough time again to do these things..

★ Just Andy

3 thoughts on “Why Such Blog Exists

  1. Even I do that,….I mean writing on a phone as a message draft or note, or Sometimes as far as scribbling it on my pants (when I had neither phone nor paper but a pen) 😀 I like your blog, will follow =)

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