BRINGING OUT the worst not to be rejected

but to be accepted


Worse Than Being Rejected

THE MOST painful thing is not the words thrown by people. It is not the things done by people. The most painful thing isn’t death. It isn’t people leaving. Because the most painful thing is; rejection.

Yes it’s rejection. The words that were thrown by people can be forgotten as well as the things they have done. Death is a constant thing. Because all of us will die eventually. Even if it takes time to move on from death of a certain people, we can still get over it. People leaving, it also takes time to say goodbye but as I say, we can still move on with our life. We can get over it and move forward.

But rejection? If we are already rejected, we can’t do anything at all. We can’t change the fact that we were rejected by someone. And even if we have moved on or gotten over from the feeling of being rejected, we can’t change things. We will just always be the rejected one of some. The feeling of being rejected? Woah! It is –worst. Even if we didn’t think of it anymore, we can’t just change it. Even if we let things be, even if we forgot about it, we will always be the rejected one by some.

And what’s worse? –Rejected by someone we care about, rejected by someone who matters to us, rejected by someone we love.

We can’t just order others; hey! don’t reject me. We can’t just dictate others; hey! you can’t reject me. We can’t just beg; please don’t reject me. We can’t just change things; tomorrow when I wake up you won’t reject me anymore.

We can’t just demand for acceptance to someone who can never ever accept us. We can’t just kneel and cry and beg to someone who didn’t even care. We can’t just insist ourselves to people who didn’t even want us in their lives. We can’t just plead to people who didn’t even dare to listen to any words we say. We can’t just ask for things like; please tell me what to do just so you accept me.

And what’s worse than being rejected? Worse than worst? –There is no such solution to rejection that will not hurt you. Whatever we do, whatever we say, how much we try, how many times we beg, how many times we kneel, we will just be hurt as always.


Tell Me You Haven’t Lie and I’ll Tell You; So am I

LYING WILL lead you to no good. But there are times when it makes things better. Lying may not be a good thing but it’s also not a bad thing at all.

All of us have lied. Who haven’t? We lie to others. We even lie to ourselves. And why do we lie? It’s because we want to make things better before it even get worse. It’s because we want to avoid others from getting hurt. It’s because, we ourselves, don’t want to get hurt. It’s because there are times that we don’t know what to do anymore than to lie. It’s because there are times that we won’t accept the truth because we just can’t stand it.

And sometimes we lie for an unknown reasons. We’ve got a lot of reasons to lie. Some reasons for good, some for bad, some for good ending up for bad, some for bad ending up for good. We’ve got reasons no matter what, it’s because people never run out of reasons.

There are times when we lie having good intentions but the aftermath ending up worse. Because whenever we lie, there will always be people who’ll be affected. No matter how hard we try not to involve others, someone will always get hurt without us intending to.

I really don’t know if it’s ‘okay’ to lie.

Let’s admit it, we have even lied to ourselves. It’s too complicated right? Lying to ourselves; how can we lie to ourselves if we already knew what is true from what is not? I think it involves rejection. Notwithstanding the truth, we chose to reject that it really is true even if we knew it is.

Now tell me who haven’t lie?
Even the truth is the mirror of lies.


Such An Honor To Have Them

I KNOW it’s hard to accept what you hear from your friends. Because even if their words comfort you, it doesn’t stop the pain. And how much they explain things, you always know that they are not feeling what you’re feeling.

It is hard to accept, yes, but it is nice to hear and it feels good knowing that they care. Their comforting words may not be able to stop the pain but it will make you feel better even if the pain is still there. They explain such things hey-this, hey-that, it’s-okay, and blahblahblah but simply they just want you to know that they are there for you, that you are not alone. You always know that they are not feeling what you’re feeling but here is a fact; even if your friends do not feel the same way as how you do, they understand you, they understand what you’re going through. That’s what friends are.

Those who lend their hands even if we need no help, those who stays beside us even if we need no company, those who back up us even if we do not need it, those who stand for us when we cannot stand anymore, those who lift us when others let us down, those who understands us even if there are no words to be spoken, those who accept us together with our frailties, those who love us when we did not ask them to, they are those whom we call as friends.

And I am happy I have those kind of people, those friends of mine. I know they are my friends and vice versa. Such an honor to have those kind of people.


Liar am I?

I’m no straightforward

MANY PEOPLE misunderstood what is true from what is not. There are kind of people who loves to, not really lie but to make the mind of others wonder, mind of others to be mixed up. And I’ll say I’m one of a kind. I love to make others think what’s true and what’s not. I love to make my friends’ wits confused before revealing or until they find out what I am really up to.

I do that because I know that someone or some of my close friends will and can realize whether whatever I’m talking about is true or just a bogus. It became a hobby of mine to muddle my friends and it is up to them if they will believe whatever comes out from me.

Telling lies is different from not wanting to tell the truth straightforward.
I want my friends to look me in the eyes and tell if I’m telling no lies.
I want them to feel what I’m feeling and tell if I’m telling no lies.
I want them to know me, every inch of me and tell if I’m telling no lies.
I want them to love me, love and accept me as what I am and tell if I’m telling no lies.

Liar is someone who ‘keep’ the truth and tell fictive senseless things. Liar is someone who let others believe the lies they told. As for me, “I” am someone who tricks someone’s mind until they come up with the truth on their own. “I” am someone who let others believe what it suits them to believe until what they believe is nothing but the truth. I am a no liar, sorry, for I am just a no straightforward.