Imperfections Of My Hand

COZ THERE are times when I told myself that I can’t really draw.. but here are the times when I journey through oblivion and found myself impressed by my own hand..

There are imperfections. Using pen means drawing without any mistake. But sometimes, those imperfections are what make it perfect.

Black and white is beauty

black and white show the true colors

black and white..


Because I Let My Hands Win

WHEN YOU borrow my notebook, this is what you’ll see..

Because whenever I’m in a class and listening seems like tiring,
well I let my hands win over my ears..

All of these are my works. These were just abstract.
Some are unfinished, while some are just plain ugly.
But hey! It’s my work (: Just pen and paper.

Plain as just pen and paper.
Because I think that black and white is beautiful.
Because I think that black and white is natural.
Because sometimes I’d rather draw than listen.
I’d rather draw than do anything at all..