Just The Available One?

YOU ARE not supposed to tell me everything.
But it doesn’t mean that you should not tell me what I need to know.

You are not supposed to tell me everything.
But it doesn’t mean that you won’t let me know.

You are not supposed to tell me everything.
But it doesn’t mean that you will… lie

It’s hard to pretend everyday.
Everytime I see you, so does the lie.
I can see the lie you told us, you told me.

I didn’t know it was a lie at first.
Of course. Because I believe in you.
But I have that feeling. The feeling that I knew you were hiding something.

But hiding something and telling a lie are two different situations.
And you prefer the latter one.

It’s not easy to pretend that I didn’t know.
I wanted to confront you but I waited for you to do it.

It’s hard to wait for you to do it.
But still I waited and waited… for nothing.

It’s not easy not to think about it.
Because it was you who have done it and you are my friend.

I didn’t even know that you have an issue with me.
But the moment I knew, I made a choice.

I was hurt. Yes I was really heart.
And everytime I see you, I remember the lie, the hurt..

I once asked myself; am I really your friend as what you have said?
Or am I just someone who’s available to be with you?

It’s really sad. I felt sad for asking that to myself.
And I didn’t even wanna know the answer.

I made a choice. A choice you made me to choose.
A choice where I was forced to choose because I didn’t have an option.

Not to be involve. Silence.

I made a choice.


Undecided Title

ONE IS fighting for the title; the other, for the money.
One is fighting for his life; the other, for the lives of others.

One fight.
One game.
Two people.

Both have their own reasons to fight.
Both have their own pride to win.

Winning for them have different consequences, have different meaning.
But there is only one winner. And winner takes it all!

But what if winning means losing what you have and having what you didn’t wish for? And losing means having a totally new life, a life led by them.

Would you rather win than lose?
Or the other way around?

Would you play the game? What if you didn’t have a choice at all and fighting seems to be the last resort?

(to be continued?)


You Are “Very Much” Welcome

To those who visited and have read my blogs…

GOOD TIME of the day. I’m glad you just visit my blog. Hope my blogs fills your heart with inspiration or happiness, hope it also made you realize things. Sometimes you need to widely open your eyes to see even the unbelievable.. Yes, we can see the unbelievable. How? By letting our heart feel what really is true. Just keep believing, keep believing in God and in yourself.

Here is for you (whoever is reading this) :
Remember that OUR life is a sum of OUR choices, not a compilation of others. But don’t be selfish, let yourself be open to others, to what may come. Let God come closer to you, you’ll need Him always. When others turn their back at you, He never will. Open up! Open your eyes to see, to see the unbelievable. Open your heart to feel, to feel the undeniable. Open your ears to hear, to hear the unbearable. Open your mind to think, to think the impossible. Open yourself to love, to love the unlovable. And let not forgot to open yourself to God. But you can only be open if you let yourself to. Do not be afraid of what-will or what-had happen/ed. Focus on what you are right now and do the things what you think will make your inner self rich with love and happiness.

Thank you for visiting, comments and feedbacks from you (good or not) will be very much appreciated so that I’ll improve whatever the crux is. You can also suggest topics on what will my next blog all about, or can even suggest movies you want.