Let Me Close My Eyes

WHEN LAUGHS laugh with me,
I don’t wanna sleep,
I don’t even wanna close my eyes.

Terrified that if I do so,
smiles will run away even faster than Forrest Gump.

Terrified that if I do so,
faces will be as poker as John Keats’.

Scared that if I’ll open my eyes again,
the world will be different –a world where muggles are mutants,
the world will turn upside down –a world where wizards are slaves.

Scared that if I’ll open my eyes again,
I will lose ev’ry single good vibes
stolen by a person who got hands like Harry Houdini’s,
I will be staring at nothing,
staring as what Claude Monet would have been doing.

Scared that if I’ll open my eyes again,
reality will run through the veil of blurriness
like how Hermione’s Fidelius hide stuff,
reality will transform into the mirror of lies
like how Ron’s Fera Verto do so.

Petrified that things will switch itself into something
that even Albert Einstein can’t elucidate;
dreams into broken glasses as what happens
to the Dark Lord’s desire,
love into hatred as how we’ve love and hate
Haymitch Abernathy at the same time,
trust into betrayal as what Fernand and Danglars
did to Edmond Dantes.

But when misery soars up, together with the dementors,
higher than the clouds in the sky, ravenous for my happiness,
all I wanna do is close my eyes.

Close my eyes till it’s tired of craving,
close my eyes till it got a broken wing,
close my eyes till it dive into the ocean of tears.

Thinking that closing my eyes will fix everything as how magic works,
that closing my eyes will erase the feelings as how Alzheimer’s does.

Hoping that closing my eyes will make me as hard as a stone,
that closing my eyes will solve every equation of misery.

Believing that closing my eyes will put away the sorrow,
that closing my eyes will make my dreams better than the veracity.

Because once and for all,
I thought that closing my eyes, that seeing the nothing,
is the only answer to everything!

Let me close my eyes,

even just for a while.
I needed a time,





Vengeance Is a Downfall

“Beloved Story”

The Count Of Monte Cristo
by Alexandre Dumas

THERE WAS this man, Edmond Dantes, who was accused of being a traitor. He was arrested the night of his marriage with the woman he loves so much. He was brought to the prison. He had live the fourteen years of his life in there not knowing why he was arrested at all, not knowing who had deceived him. He decided to take revenge and planned everything; from escaping to vengeance. While in the prison he met someone who became his friend. He gave him fortune and when he finally escaped the prison he started his vengeance the way he had planned. But meeting again the woman he had loved and the reason he had lived,  his plan was erased. All gone. He then realize that his fortune and his vengeance are senseless since the woman he had loved was betrothed to the man who had deceived him. He ended up being in love with another woman who loves him back as a father, friend, brother and as a husband.

*It was not easy to summarize the novel in just a few sentences. I can’t explain what I want to say but that’s how our professor told us to do. (A journal entry for beloved story)*