the air
there’s something in it
I sneeze
and I knew
I breathe something

My hair
the wind
there’s something in it
my hair
the wind blew it
but I knew
it’s not the wind at all

I heard it
the voice
there’s something in it
I heard it
and I knew
it was howling for help

My heart
the atmosphere
there’s something in it
I can feel it
and I knew
someone’s trying to allude

I sneeze. I can smell it..
My hair. It’s trying to communicate.. to me
I heard it. It’s whispering.. to me
My heart. I can feel it..


Undecided Title

ONE IS fighting for the title; the other, for the money.
One is fighting for his life; the other, for the lives of others.

One fight.
One game.
Two people.

Both have their own reasons to fight.
Both have their own pride to win.

Winning for them have different consequences, have different meaning.
But there is only one winner. And winner takes it all!

But what if winning means losing what you have and having what you didn’t wish for? And losing means having a totally new life, a life led by them.

Would you rather win than lose?
Or the other way around?

Would you play the game? What if you didn’t have a choice at all and fighting seems to be the last resort?

(to be continued?)