Just An Ordinary Day With a Little EXTRA!

TODAY: TWO exams and report/presentation -.- It’s a hell day for me!

So I promise myself that after those acads, I’m gonna treat myself! That after those, I’m gonna enjoy the rest of the day! So I did. And what’s better? I’ve enjoyed the rest of my day with my friends! (:

Moonleaf’s Milk Teas

Wintermelon milk tea for me with pudding as an add-on (:

While hanging in there…

Yes, It’s Us! (:

(T)hank (G)od it’s (R)eally (A)wesome!

My hell day’s over. Well I so love this day! (:

Just another day
with classes to attend..

Just another day
with exams to take..

Just another day
with requirements to pass..

Just another day
with friends to laugh..

Just another day
with milk teas to drink..

Just an ordinary day
with a little EXTRA!


We Have What We Needed

WHY DO we eat and need to drink?
Why do we write and need to move the pen?
Why do we walk and need to use our feet?
Why do we feel and need to care?
Why do we stare and need to blink?
Why do we read and need to turn the pages?
Why do we speak and need to be heard?
Why do we live and need to breath?
Why do we love and need to be loved?
Why do we ask and need to be answered?

Too many questions. Too many why’s. Some can even be answered by toddlers. Eat and drink? To digest our food. Write and move the pen? You can’t write even a single letter if you won’t move it. Walk and use our feet? You can’t walk if you won’t use it. Feel and care? You don’t care only if you don’t feel anything. Stare and blink? Try not to blink, nobody can’t stand it. To avoid the eyes from drying. Read and turn the pages? You can’t finish what you’re reading if you don’t turn the pages. Speak and be heard? Nobody wanted to be ignored. We want communication and communication isn’t just talking and talking. Live and breath? To experience life. Love and to be loved? It’s innate in human. Love is innate. Ask and be answered? We wanted to know everything.

But why do things and need things? Why do things and need people?

Because there are things we do that can’t do it on our own. There are things we do and we need others in order us to fulfill it. Yes, we need others.

We need someone who will firmly hold our hand. We need someone who will stay by our side. We need someone’s shoulder to lean on. We need someone to share our happiness with. We need someone to help us carry the sadness. We need someone who understand us. We need someone who will love us unconditionally. We need someone who will let us feel accepted and appreciated. We need someone to make us stronger. Let’s just admit it; we needed someone.

And God gave us what we needed. He had given it even before we needed it. He knows what we’ll need to live here in earth so he gave us them; parents, friends, siblings, relatives, lovers, animals, nature, water, wind, and more. He gave us all kind of people and all kind of things we needed. He gave us different people and things; each we can give different kind of love.


The Picture Above The Casket

SHE’S DEAD. Two of her friends are with her. They came back from where they’ve been. But the thing is she can’t remember where they have been. She saw the house, the two-story house she doesn’t even know who the owner is. There were a lot of people; people talking, people eating. But those people didn’t bother looking at them as if they didn’t even see them. She, together with her two other friends, enter the said house and go upstairs.

She saw three caskets. Two were open but the other one was close. Each casket has a picture on top of it. She saw the picture standing at the close casket. Upon seeing it, she didn’t realize the tears in her eyes. She was stunned. It was her. That was her picture. But how can it be. There she was, alive, standing, staring at her own eyes on the picture above the casket. But is she really alive? But what had happened? She doesn’t know. She was confused. She wanted to ask a lot of question but to whom? She didn’t dare to open the casket because she doesn’t want to see herself. She doesn’t want to know how it happened. She can’t bear to see herself lifeless.

They saw God walking down the stairs. She with her two other friends, eyes drowned with tears, approach Him, begging for one last chance to talk with their other friend. He gave them another chance but as a condition, they can’t change anything. Yet her other friend tries to change something but God stop her. Then something made her open her eyes. She woke up as her tears came running down, tears she cannot control. It was just a dream. All of it was just a dream. Just a dream.


A Game of Chance

LIFE IS a chance. Staring at my reflection for some time something out of nowhere suddenly hits my mind. Ting! It just landed through my brain. Life! Not just life but about life being a chance. Life is a chance. Then I started to realize what if it really is a chance? Think of it. Our life is just a borrowed-thing from God and because of that we should be thankful for every moment. God granted us life to live; to live in order for us to use the chance He had given us; a chance to know if we are worth it; worth it to live with Him in His place, in His Kingdom. Can you understand my point? Life is given to us to live and let life as it is. The thing that matters is how well we have lived our life. Have we live and able to show that we are deserving to get the chance we needed? The chance which everybody wanted. The chance to continue our life with Him, with His love. Every day, every night, every seconds of our life are being watched, are being recorded by Him. Let not ask for I also did not know, no one knows but only He. One thing I’m certain, He is everywhere, He is in my side, in our side. Life is but chance, don’t go wasting it rather go enjoying it, go having a purpose, go and let Him see that we deserve that chance, that we deserve to live with Him forever. Grab with both of your hands and your heart the chance. Coz life is but a matter of chance.


I Kissed Dating Goodbye

I JUST have finished reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I have read it in one day, atleast ten hours straight. Joshua Harris has touched my life. I have learned so much, knew things I never think of, saw what I have been doing with my life, thought of how the world has changed its clothes over the years. It feels like something in me undergoes a bit changes as I turn the pages and it triggers my hand and heart not to stop but to reach its final page. Reaching until the end didn’t fully answer and just left some questions swimming in my mind, still more and more came pouring in. But then some things must be left unsaid, unanswered, for us to learn what we need to.


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It’s Not Just About Me

Because I’m not the only one…

SOMETIMES I prayed to God about such things. Things I needed, things I wanted and more of the things concerning I, my, and me. And I wonder why God didn’t answer some of my prayers and I’ll just repeat what my prayers were to the point which I got annoyed which is very wrong. I know almost all of us have questioned Him, why this, why that, but have we questioned ourselves before we fired such frothy things at Him? I realized, why will I pray about something that will, yes, do me good but will eventually hurt or even destroy others? I was selfish, I didn’t think of the people around me, I didn’t mind the feelings of others.

For instance (because I’m a student), there is still one last slot for a subject and I pray to God to give me that slot for I want the professor and I want the time, but! But what if someone also pray to God regarding that subject not because she want to but because she badly need to. If you were God, to whom you’ll give the said subject, to me who wants it or to someone who needs it? Of course we know who need it the most, and I can’t blame Him for saying ‘yes’ to that someone and for answering ‘no’ to me. I know it’s also hard for Him. God answers all of our prayers but not with a yes always. Another instance, there was a time that I prayed to God to help me pass my exam and when the results come out, I failed the exam. Then I asked Him, why? But hey! I’m a fool! Why don’t I ask that to myself and not God. I’m the one who failed it, not Him. I’m the one who took the exam, not Him. I just ask for His help and I know that he helped me, the problem is I didn’t help myself. Did I study hard enough, well enough? I don’t think so.

God help us always even if we think we didn’t need Him because the fact is we really needed Him all the time. As what  said earlier, He answers all of our prayers but not as what we expected His answers to be not because He wanted us to suffer but because He wants us to learn. He let me failed (my exam) not for bad but for good and for my sake. I think He wanted me to learn from my mistake, just like you, just like the rest of us. He never leave us, He never closed His hand for us, what He wanted is what’s best for us. I stumbled and fall but He reached my hand and helped me to stand up. Like any other problems (studies, love, friendship, families, etc.) we must not let those put us down, we must put our feet down on the ground and stand still, continue believing.

Also put to your mind avoid being selfish. Prayers are more powerful when you dedicate your prayers for others’ need, needs not wants, and spite of not knowing or hearing there are also people who pray for your needs, who prays for your life. What I really learned is that in this world where I live, where different human beings exist, I am not the only one who seek for His help, it is not only I who pray to Him, it is not only my voice that He’s been hearing, it is not only my life that He’s watching… It is not JUST about ME.


You Are “Very Much” Welcome

To those who visited and have read my blogs…

GOOD TIME of the day. I’m glad you just visit my blog. Hope my blogs fills your heart with inspiration or happiness, hope it also made you realize things. Sometimes you need to widely open your eyes to see even the unbelievable.. Yes, we can see the unbelievable. How? By letting our heart feel what really is true. Just keep believing, keep believing in God and in yourself.

Here is for you (whoever is reading this) :
Remember that OUR life is a sum of OUR choices, not a compilation of others. But don’t be selfish, let yourself be open to others, to what may come. Let God come closer to you, you’ll need Him always. When others turn their back at you, He never will. Open up! Open your eyes to see, to see the unbelievable. Open your heart to feel, to feel the undeniable. Open your ears to hear, to hear the unbearable. Open your mind to think, to think the impossible. Open yourself to love, to love the unlovable. And let not forgot to open yourself to God. But you can only be open if you let yourself to. Do not be afraid of what-will or what-had happen/ed. Focus on what you are right now and do the things what you think will make your inner self rich with love and happiness.

Thank you for visiting, comments and feedbacks from you (good or not) will be very much appreciated so that I’ll improve whatever the crux is. You can also suggest topics on what will my next blog all about, or can even suggest movies you want.


Factual Nightmare: Those Sleepless Nights

WAY BACK three years this “thing” was first experienced by me. Every night whenever I go to bed I am frightened thinking that it will happen again. Every night I found myself lying awake staring at the darkness that encompasses my room wondering how real it was, how real it has happened.

We were peacefully sleeping, four of us in bed; in my right was my sibling and in my left was my aunt. Before long I heard a loud BANG!, just like something really gigantic has fallen in our roof. Then I questioned myself, didn’t they (people I’m with in the room) hear that? That sound was loud enough and it scared me, I was confused that they didn’t even hear that. I saw a shadow in our window which was open but we do have a screen so the insects cannot get in.

Back with the shadow I saw, it has red eyes but it was only a shadow, a shadow that looks frightening which I can call as a bodyless beast.  I was anxious, uneasy; it was pulling me towards the window, pulling me using its red eyes. I felt my body floated heading for the bodyless beast except something was holding me back, I think that something was myself, I was holding myself back. I heard someone was praying, begging God. I veered my head and saw my aunt murmuring, speaking softly but very fast. She was the one praying, a rosary in her hands with her eyes tightly closed. I decided to fight back, to stop the bodyless beast from abducting me. I was kicking and punching so hard but I cannot move. I tried to move my head but I can’t, my hands, my feet, it was like “they” was holding me tight. “They” were I do not know if human beings or just many shadows like bodyless beast. I yelled at them.

Sonofabitch! Let go of me!”, “You sonofabitch!”, “Let me go!”, “You all are shit!”, those were the phrases I barked but how much louder I shouted those, there are no sounds coming out of my mouth, it’s just in my mind that I’m shouting. I cannot move, cannot speak, and cannot even open my eyes. Then I need to do something, I tried and tried to move and shout but nothing happened. The bodyless beast was so close to getting me.

Before long I attempted again to move my leg then I woke up. I was so nervous and I inspected my surrounding, all of them were sleeping. Nothing had happened. It was just a nightmare, but a very real nightmare. Sleep. My body was begging me to sleep, my eyes wanted to sleep but I don’t want to. Like something was drugging me to sleep again. So I get up, turned on the light and jumped and jumped and jumped. I went to sleep again with the rosary in my hand praying for God’s protection.Since that happened, I find it hard to sleep at night. I started to search it on the net and found out that some had also experienced that. Until today, it never stop happening to me. It will occur for at least twice a week or at most twice a month.


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What a Wonderful Place

Somebody Will Always Be There

DO YOU guys ever felt alone in your lifetime? There are some moments that I have felt lonely, that I can’t lean on anybody. There was this gloomy day after class. Together with a classmate of mine, we went to the chapel. Before we reach the chapel it rains, rains so hard. I’ve got no umbrella but my classmate has, so we shared but then my classmate decided to go home and took a ride. I was left. Alone. In the middle of that heavy rain. I started looking for anywhere to go but no near place to stop by. So I thought to go home than to stay there in the middle of the rain. I wait for a trike (tricycle), geez, all of them were taken. I waited and waited. Til I got one, but! But, I remembered that my money was a 500 paper bill and the driver doesn’t have other lower bills or coins to give my change. 20 pesos is all I needed, so I started to count my coins. I got a 10-peso coin and then 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 17, 17, 17.

There was this shiny day after my first class. Every after this class I got a company to go to my dorm coz my next class is for the next two hours. But then I told my company that I will not come with her because I need to pass my paper in other subject. So I walked to the building where I need to pass my paper and it’s so shiny and hot and I’ve got no umbrella (take note: this was college the other scenario above is secondary). When I have passed my paper I decided to take a ride to go to my dorm because I can’t walk anymore, not in this kind of day and my dorm was a slight far from where I am. When I was about to ride, I checked my wallet to see if a have coins for the cab and I found no wallet in my pocket. I looked in my bag for it but it was not also there. Oh geez, then I returned in the building where I passed my paper but didn’t have luck, I returned in the building where my first class was, but then my wallet is not there. No choice, I walked from there to my dorm in the middle of that hot and shiny day and I’m sweating.
    And I got many experiences of those, especially when it comes to umbrella. And I think there will be more incident of being alone and ashamed. But as I have experienced those, I have learned one thing, that even if I think I’m alone, I’m not, that there is always somebody with me, somebody with my side, with my heart. And that somebody is God. God is always with me, and in me. I know that everyday, even if someone has abandoned or will abandon me, God never will. He will always be with me and in me. I praise Him, I praise You my Lord.


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